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Fort Kochi : A Night Photowalk

People Talk

Its been a long while I have taken you for a photowalk. So here comes a night walk through the walkways of Fort Cochin with its iconic fishing net as backdrop to introduce you to some Fort Kochi 'night life'. I love to chase light. So when it comes to low

Streets of Nashik : A Photo walk

People from the street

Walking through the vibrant Nashik street was nice experience. But lives of those people around were more interesting. And it started to get dark and started to drizzle. Before it started to rain, Got into an auto rickshaw.. And took a ride back home through the beautifully decorated streets of Nashik.

One Day At Nashik Railway Station : #PhotoEssay

While someONE from the actual train looks at it

Railway stations are one such place, where you can see the cross section of a society. People from all walks of life would be present in such a small place on a busy day. Let's see how was the Nashik Railway station on that day. As it was the time of the

People From Kumbha Mela 2015

while clicking

Kumbha mela is  believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth.  It happened in Nashik this year. Millions of people came attend this fair. Here you can see a very small cross section of those people. 3664


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