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Velankanni : Standing tall, Surviving the Harsh blows

Grand Architecture of Velankanni

Are you wondering about the leaning towers and curved pillars of Velankanni??! Gotta be some architectural marvel. eh? Well I am really sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused you. They are not leaning towers or curved pillars. They are just an optical illusion or rather a faulty image. No, they are not

Throwback Thursday : Carvings of Cavemen

Travel, tourism, photography

Carvings of Cavemen Have you seen the Carvings of Cavemen who lived in 6000BC? Are you craving to see  the carvings ;) Have you visited Edakkal Caves? Come visit the Carvings of Cavemen

Throwback Thursday : Adalaj Step Well

Adalaj stepwell

Poetry on Rock : Adalaj Stepwell This is a place where craftsmanship endures the hardships of time! This is a place where you can enjoy the poetry written on rocks! This is  Adalaj Stepwell

Throwback Thursday : Revisit The Ghost town

Revisit the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi! Question to you :Have you ever been to a Ghost town?? a place which used to be a very populated town which was washed away in a heavy storm where no people lives after dark? a ghost town? Revisit the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi!

Morning Walk at Thiruvannamalai

If you want to see nature blushing, wake up early and go for a walk

The adventures at Thiruvannamalai starts today Day 22 : 28.10.2014 Let's go for an early morning walk today. As we walk, I will tell you more about Thiruvannamalai. First thing in the morning, I saw, she was blushing The mood of the mountain was warm and welcoming. Everything was warm that morning, like any other

Travel Diary | Day 17 : The Diwali day

The diwali celebrations

[ 23.10.2014 [ Thursday ] Today its Diwali, the celebration of lights. As it is a special day, there was no sevas in Sadhana forest. Everyone was free to go outside and celebrate Diwali. I went out with my friends. Went to Auroville. Spent some time here and there.  Some special Diwali celebration

Travel Diary | Day 16 : The Picture day

Living in the nature

[ 22.10.2014 [ Wednesday ] Today I had some free time with my camera.  So I took some pictures from Sadhana. For a change  today not much writings, Hope you will  Enjoy the pictures.   If you miss the previous day Travel Diary | Day 15 : The Music Night Again

Travel Diary | Day 15 : The Music Night Again

Technology behind the art

[ 21.10.2014 [ Tuesday ] I found myself enjoying the routines of Sadhana. Early morning wake up call, morning circle, first seva in the forest most of the days that too in the rain, breakfast, adventurous second seva and lunch. And then a couple of community shifts in a week. But the interesting thing


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