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Travel Diary | Day 17 : The Diwali day

The diwali celebrations

[ 23.10.2014 [ Thursday ] Today its Diwali, the celebration of lights. As it is a special day, there was no sevas in Sadhana forest. Everyone was free to go outside and celebrate Diwali. I went out with my friends. Went to Auroville. Spent some time here and there.  Some special Diwali celebration

Travel Diary | Day 16 : The Picture day

Living in the nature

[ 22.10.2014 [ Wednesday ] Today I had some free time with my camera.  So I took some pictures from Sadhana. For a change  today not much writings, Hope you will  Enjoy the pictures.   If you miss the previous day Travel Diary | Day 15 : The Music Night Again

Travel Diary | Day 15 : The Music Night Again

Technology behind the art

[ 21.10.2014 [ Tuesday ] I found myself enjoying the routines of Sadhana. Early morning wake up call, morning circle, first seva in the forest most of the days that too in the rain, breakfast, adventurous second seva and lunch. And then a couple of community shifts in a week. But the interesting thing

Travel Diary | Day 14 : The Cycle repeats

[ 20.10.2014 [ Monday ] It was again a Monday. Couldn't believe that its been already a week. My initial plans of staying for 4 days was already been re-planned. The new plan was to stay till next Sunday so that I could attend an event that Gaurav invited me. So the cycle

Travel Diary | Day 12 : The Movie Night

Main hut at night time

[ 18.10.2014 [ Saturday ] No wake up calls at 5.30 in the morning, no morning circles at 6am. Today is Saturday. Yay.  Sevas were for those who had community shifts, breakfast cooking, dinner cooking etc. I didn't have any. So I was free for the entire day. On Saturdays and Sundays there won't be any

Travel Diary | Day 11 : The Eco Film Day

Ray of Hope

[ 17.10.2014 [ Friday ] Once again a Friday. I first visited this beautiful place a week ago from this date, for the Forest tour. Time was flying really fast. [For those who didn't read the first days of the travel diary; There is a bus starting from Auroville Solar Kitchen at 4

Travel Diary | Day 10 : The Night Out

And making everything around it lively

16.10.2014 [ Thursday ] I woke up super early today.  There was plenty of time before the morning circle at 6. So I took my camera and went for a morning stroll. The moon was full and that was the only available light. Of course that wasn't enough for me to


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