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Velankanni : Standing tall, Surviving the Harsh blows

Grand Architecture of Velankanni

Are you wondering about the leaning towers and curved pillars of Velankanni??! Gotta be some architectural marvel. eh? Well I am really sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused you. They are not leaning towers or curved pillars. They are just an optical illusion or rather a faulty image. No, they are not

Tanjavore : Land of Art and Architecture

Once upon a time some one told me , that he had a crappy mobile camera and was not able to take good pictures. Maybe you are thinking why am I saying that here in this post. I travelled to Tanjore / Thanjavur 3 years ago and I didn't have the so-called professional

The Ghost town of Dhanushkodi!

Ever been to a ghost town?? If not, welcome to the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi. Even if you have been there, still you are welcome ;) By the way Ghost town is not a town where ghosts are living nor it is a haunted town! Ghost town simply means that its an abandoned town.


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