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Streets of Nashik : A Photo walk

People from the street

Walking through the vibrant Nashik street was nice experience. But lives of those people around were more interesting. And it started to get dark and started to drizzle. Before it started to rain, Got into an auto rickshaw.. And took a ride back home through the beautifully decorated streets of Nashik.

One Day At Nashik Railway Station : #PhotoEssay

While someONE from the actual train looks at it

Railway stations are one such place, where you can see the cross section of a society. People from all walks of life would be present in such a small place on a busy day. Let's see how was the Nashik Railway station on that day. As it was the time of the

Haunted Mansion and Good bye

Good bye Disneyland, till next time

Wednesday Disney #16 After escaping the cross fire and canon explosion of the pirate, the walk continues through the streets of New Orleans. It was already evening and it was very crowded by that time. Thank you all for patiently stayed with this series all these days. Hope you enjoyed the journey

Disneyland Jungle Cruise

Getting ready and steering the boat

Wednesday Disney #14 It is a journey through many of the world's greatest rivers, recreated amazingly realistically and guided by super fun and experienced guides. As the cruise reached the other end of the river through the rain forest, the cruise came to an end. Now we are heading towards New Orleans Square. Next

Is Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth?

This is pure happiness

Wednesday Disney #13 Lets check if people are really happy or is it just hype. they are still watching it and definitely curious Altogether everyone seems to be happy here. Seeing them all happy, I am also happy! What do you think? Next post : Now lets happily go the Jungle safari

#TBT | An Intro To Bokeh

Bokeh : Celebration of Imperfections We all want Pictures that are perfect. But we all like this Imperfection Called Bokeh. Read More about Bokeh Bokeh : Celebration of Imperfections

A Walk through the Frontier Land

Mickey mouse from Toon Town

Wednesday Disney #12 Now lets see some random places as we walk towards the Frontier Land Before we head towards the adventure land for Jungle cruise, lets see how happy these people are. Next post : Happiness in Disney Land

#TBT | How to do a Zoom Blur

zoom blur, photography tips, photography, slow shutter speed.

Learn Zoom Blur Want to read about a cool trick with your DSLR? Want to create such images without an image editing software? Create special effects with your camera itself. Read on Learn Zoom Blur


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