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Never Give Up : Lesson learned at Onake Abbi Falls

Start of the trekking trail to Onake Abbi

Journeys can teach you some life lessons. Here is one such lesson. Onake Abbi falls is a beautiful place near Agumbe. I wanted to explore this place. So I went there again. But this time alone. The day was pretty good. Weather was nice. Even the rain took a break and that too

How I Jimpified My life in Agumbe Rainforest

Viper : Up close and personal

We do complain about almost everything. "It is so hot, why is it not raining?!!" :  Our first complaint. Then one day it started to pour cats and dogs. "I will get sick because/of this rains. When will it stop?" : the next one. Our complains go on and on.

Coorg Diaries : Raja’s seat or The Seat of the King

Raja's Seat , coorg, sun rise, sun set

I have been talking about the beauty of Coorg in the previous post. But there is one spot from which you can witness the most beautiful views of Coorg. Golden rays of coming out through the foggy morning. In order to witness the daily miracles of nature, the sunrise and sunset,

Coorg Diaries : Nisargadhama, Land of deer

coorg, nisarghadhama, deer,

So in the previous post we were at Golden temple, the Tibetan Buddhist monastery. The visit of Kushalnagar sort of gets completed when you visit Nisargadhama, which is about 3 km away from Golden temple. Nisarghadhama is an island with lots of bamboo groves, sandal woods and teak trees. There is

Coorg Diaries : Golden Temple, The Tibetan Monastery

Photography travel coorg golden temple

When someone talks about Coorg, most of the people who are familiar with this place, automatically think about coffee, Golden temple, Tala Cauvery, Dubare elephant camp etc. Today, come with me for a photo walk to the Golden temple. This second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet, attracts both domestic and foreign

The Secrets of Murudeshwar

Like I said in the previous post, this one is for the adventurers, explorers, photographers and budget travellers. For Scuba Diving experience I can tell you that India offers the most economical scuba diving experience in the world. I have no research data or anything to support it. But if you are

Murudeshwar: A retreat for everyone!

Murudeshwar offers something for everyone. If you are an adventure freak, a beach bum, just another traveller looking for some quality time alone or with family, or a religious person; this place has got something for you all! Murudeshwar for those who interested in Hindu religion Murudeshwar means Lord Shiva, the Hindu


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