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One Day At Nashik Railway Station : #PhotoEssay

While someONE from the actual train looks at it

Railway stations are one such place, where you can see the cross section of a society. People from all walks of life would be present in such a small place on a busy day. Let's see how was the Nashik Railway station on that day. As it was the time of the

People From Kumbha Mela 2015

while clicking

Kumbha mela is  believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth.  It happened in Nashik this year. Millions of people came attend this fair. Here you can see a very small cross section of those people. 3664

#Travel : An Auto Ride to Kundadri Hills

travel to edakkal caves, kerala

Kundadri Hills, Yet another beautiful place in the Western Ghats. It was during my Agumbe trip, I got a chance to visit this breathtakingly beautiful place. Kundadri is around 17km from Agumbe. As there was some sort of time constraints in this trip, I decided to take an auto rickshaw aka

Never Give Up : Lesson learned at Onake Abbi Falls

Start of the trekking trail to Onake Abbi

Journeys can teach you some life lessons. Here is one such lesson. Onake Abbi falls is a beautiful place near Agumbe. I wanted to explore this place. So I went there again. But this time alone. The day was pretty good. Weather was nice. Even the rain took a break and that too

#TBT | Understanding Motion Blur

slow shutter speed photography, motion blur, blur

Photography Tips and Tricks : Motion Blur How Do you Convey a sense of Motion In Your Pictures? Just refresh your memory if you have already read it. Else Check out the link to know more about Photography Tips and Tricks : Motion Blur

Throwback Thursday | Nisagadhama : Land of Deers

deer nisargadhama coorg

Nisagadhama : Land of Deers Dear all, if you fancy watching some Deers and feeding them Fancy spotting some elephants apart from the spotted deers Fancy an elephant ride or seeing some cute rabbits Look no further, click below to see them all Nisagadhama : Land of Deers

Throwback Thursday | Enjoy King's View From Raja Seat

Raja's Seat , coorg, sun rise, sun set

Raja Seat : Seat of the King Have you ever wondered how a King's life would be? What all privileges he has in his life? What all beautiful things he get to see? I can't tell you about all other kings. But have a look at this king of Coorg. Check out his seat and what

Throwback Thursday | Tracing the origin of Cauvery River

coorg, hotel, photography

Tracing the origin of Cauvery River A river originates from a small pond And then it disappears And later is appears and flow as a river On a journey to find out the secret behind this Tracing all the way up to the origin of the river. Read more.. Tracing the origin of Cauvery River


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