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How To Announce Blog Anniversary?

2nd Anniversary

Announcing Second Year of Blogging When is the best day to announce the completion of 2 years of blogging? When the cloak ticks 12 midnight on the special day Any time On the exact day it completes two years. A day before the special day. A week before the big day. These

Velankanni : Standing tall, Surviving the Harsh blows

Grand Architecture of Velankanni

Are you wondering about the leaning towers and curved pillars of Velankanni??! Gotta be some architectural marvel. eh? Well I am really sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused you. They are not leaning towers or curved pillars. They are just an optical illusion or rather a faulty image. No, they are not

How I Jimpified My life in Agumbe Rainforest

Viper : Up close and personal

We do complain about almost everything. "It is so hot, why is it not raining?!!" :  Our first complaint. Then one day it started to pour cats and dogs. "I will get sick because/of this rains. When will it stop?" : the next one. Our complains go on and on.

Attention Foodies : Contribution Invited

If you have been following me for some time, you must be knowing how "cheap" I am ;) I travel in the cheapest way possible. But there are certain costs that can't be controlled much. The cost of food and water are some of them. One cannot eat really cheap,

Travel Theme : Altruism


When life Gives you lemons.. Some times we might be bored with long travelling. We  stay away from home, travelling to the main stream touristy places, click those usual picture with that monument, click some front cam selfies, try to push that building, try to pick up the dome of the beautiful architecture,

Travel Diary | Day 11 : The Eco Film Day

Ray of Hope

[ 17.10.2014 [ Friday ] Once again a Friday. I first visited this beautiful place a week ago from this date, for the Forest tour. Time was flying really fast. [For those who didn't read the first days of the travel diary; There is a bus starting from Auroville Solar Kitchen at 4

Travel Diary | Day 10 : The Night Out

And making everything around it lively

16.10.2014 [ Thursday ] I woke up super early today.  There was plenty of time before the morning circle at 6. So I took my camera and went for a morning stroll. The moon was full and that was the only available light. Of course that wasn't enough for me to


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