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The People I Met On The Road : P Gowri Shankar

P. Gowri Shankar

The passion for Travelling has given me some great opportunities to meet really wonderful people. Recently I met Gowri Shankar. There is a name that is always associated with Gowri Shankar.  It is not name of a human, name of a place or anything. Ok, for those who are not into snakes, reptiles and

Throwback Thursday : Carvings of Cavemen

Travel, tourism, photography

Carvings of Cavemen Have you seen the Carvings of Cavemen who lived in 6000BC? Are you craving to see  the carvings ;) Have you visited Edakkal Caves? Come visit the Carvings of Cavemen

Throwback Thursday : Adalaj Step Well

Adalaj stepwell

Poetry on Rock : Adalaj Stepwell This is a place where craftsmanship endures the hardships of time! This is a place where you can enjoy the poetry written on rocks! This is  Adalaj Stepwell

Throwback Thursday : Revisit The Ghost town

Revisit the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi! Question to you :Have you ever been to a Ghost town?? a place which used to be a very populated town which was washed away in a heavy storm where no people lives after dark? a ghost town? Revisit the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi!


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