Guess who?

Some Random views from Disneyland

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Wednesday Disney #5

Lets have a walk and find some random views

Guess who?
Guess who?

Guess who was jumping and trying to give a high-five to a tall guy standing in the queue?

Ice mountain
Ice mountain

From short man to tall ice mountain..

Water falls
Water falls

from ICE mountain to WATER falls..

rail road
rail road

from Caves to Rails..

People watching
People watching

from Kids to Adults..

and some more people
and some more people

And Kids and trolleys.. This place has almost everything..

Next :Lets have some more random views from Disneyland..


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Whaaaaaaa??? YOU WENT TO DISNEY LAND??? So I’ve been away for what, 1 month or so and you went to Disney land?? Great, So that’s what your mission was Agent J…Visiting Disney Land…. Wow!


You’re in Disneyland now? My good-spirited envy of your just keeps growing! How do you fund such projects and take such interesting photos… you must reveal your secrets in 3…2…1…


Today, I showed your disney photos to my son and he was super excited to see them. I don’t like it that you post this few pics. Post atleast 15-20 pics in one post.


Wow look at that waterfall! It looked like fairy tale to me 😛 Beautiful capture Jithin! <3

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