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10 Motorcycling movies for the Rider in you!

Published on : April 26, 2020
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Two years ago, around this time of the year, I was on the road with my motorcycle. It was an impulsive trip to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my motorbike. Without a fixed destination in my mind, I set out.
I started from Kerala, headed towards Karnataka, stayed in Hampi for almost a month and the trip finally got extended till Mumbai and later from Mumbai I returned to Kerala. I was on the road for almost 3 months.
During Corona quarantine days, the idea of another such trip looks like a distant dream. But I figured out that as long as I have something to keep me inspired, I can still keep these dreams alive. That is how I have found these motorcycle movies. To be precise, 10 Motorcycling movies for the Rider in you!
These 10 motorcycle movies will keep your wanderlusting spirits high and keep you thrilled as much as you are on the road with your motorbike. These movies are in NO way sorted or presented in their importance or whatsoever. This is just a list of interesting as well as inspiring motorcycle movies.

#1. The Motorcycle Diaries

When I think about a motorcycle movie, only one name comes to my mind first and that is ‘The motorcycle diaries‘. The reason is obvious, but more than that it is a perfect movie to understand how a motorbike trip can change your perspective and how it can give a true picture of the society around. This trip influenced 23-year-old Ernesto Guevara to become the revolutionary that he turned out to be after experiencing the social injustice throughout the Latin American countries through this journey.

Watch this movie : to get to know the early life Ernesto Guevara and how a motorcycle trip influenced his perspective. Maybe this will make you set out on such a journey. Let the world change you, and you can change the world!

#2. One week

Ben Tyler was leading a very normal life and one day suddenly he got to know that he’s got a terminal illness and he wouldn’t live too long. On his way back home, he stumbled across an old guy who had an old ‘Norton’ to sell. As a man whose priorities had changed, Ben bought the motorbike and set out on an adventure across Canada. During this journey, he re-evaluates his relationship, job, and life. Ben’s motorcycle journey takes you through the beauty of Canada, philosophies in life and perspective about time and purpose in life.

Watch this movie : to re-evaluate your priorities and to try to find your purpose in life.

#3. Race to Dakar

We are deviating from the movies to docuseries. Anyone who is interested in any sorts of motor races might have heard about Dakar rally at least one. It is a multi-day, super long-distance endurance rally on various categories of vehicles. Obviously, Motorcycles are also one of the categories. Charley Boorman is an actor, motorcycle enthusiast, writer and more. He had a dream to participate in Dakar rally. With the help of his TV production friends he pitched the idea of making a documentary about his participation in this race. Race to Dakar is a documentary series following Charley Boorman’s entry into the 2006 Dakar Rally from Lisbon to Dakar.

Want to Read Race to Dakar Paperback?

Watch this series : to get to know more about Dakar rally and maybe to prepare yourself for a future rally.

#4. Long Way Round

This one is also not exactly a motorcycle movie, but a TV Series.  It is the 31,000 km journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman- two friends and TV/Movie personalities. They rode from London to New York City on motorcycles. The route they followed was eastwards through Europe and Asia, flew to Alaska, and continued on by road to New York.

The journey passed through twelve countries, starting in the UK, then through France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Canada, and the US, ending in New York City. Follow along this adventure to get an insight into long-distance motorcycling.

Note: Want to Read Long Way Round?

Watch this series : to get to know the difficulties in long-distance motorcycle riding and to experience the endurance of riders.

#5. Long Way Down

If you think you will enjoy Long Way Round, you will definitely enjoy ‘Long Way Down’ too. The same two friends along with their production crew, set out on another long-distance motorcycle journey.  This time the journey started from Scotland through eighteen countries in Europe and Africa to Cape Town in South Africa. The realities of border crossing, the life in many of the African countries are very insightful. If you even fancied such an international motorcycling journey, this series is for you.

Want to read Long Way Down?

Watch this series : if you like Long way down and to get to know more about the difficulties in long-distance motorcycle riding and to experience the endurance of riders. Also get an insight into the realities of land border crossing, especially with a motorbike.

#6. Riding Solo to the Top of the world

If you have watched the above-mentioned series, you will probably understand the amount of planning, the number of crew members and support from the crew that goes behind making a movie on motorcycle trips. But then there is one man who ventured out to make a documentary of his solo motorcycle trip to the top of the world! Gaurav Jani

Gaurav Jani was a one-man camera crew unit who loaded his Royal Enfield Bullet 350CC Motorcycle with 300 kilograms of equipment and supplies and set off on a journey to one of the world’s most difficult terrains.

He started his trip to one of the remotest parts of India, to the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, bordering China from Delhi, though his actual travel started from Mumbai. This movie/documentary was released in 2006 which is way earlier when going to Leh-Ladhak on a solo trip was not so mainstream and way earlier when vlogging didn’t really make it in the ‘cool things to do’ list. These points make his journey really very special to me, personally.

He showcases the difficulties he had to face in documenting the trip as a real ‘solo traveller’. It also gives an idea about the difficulties the remote high altitude places inevitably brings to a motorcyclist. I believe more and more people should watch this movie.

Watch this Documentary film : to understand the grit and determination of a strong-willed solo motorcyclist and to understand the real meaning of ‘Solo rider’. Watch this movie simply to get inspired to go on an impossible sounding trip all by yourself.

#7. One crazy ride

If you have already started liking Gaurav Jani and his movie, add this one too, One Crazy Ride. This is a modern-day expedition trip on a motorcycle.  When everyone claims to be an explorer these days, only a bunch of real crazy explorers can embark on a trip like this.

Lesser-known parts of India are explored as five fellow bike riders from the 60KPH club set out on an expedition across the less traveled Indian northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh to chart a route that supposedly does not exist. The bikers chronicle their attempt to travel from Tawang in west Arunachal to Dong in the east without entering the state of Assam.


Watch this Documentary film : to infect yourself with contagious passion and determination put in by the explorers of this movie. Again with no camera crew and no support vehicles, on a low budget, a bunch of friends are going on a true expedition trip. If it doesn’t inspire you to plan a trip, what else would?!

#8. Why we ride

They claim this is the number 1 motorcycle movie in America and I believe that is probably true. This movie definitely has a complete American point of view on motorcycling and the history of it. Nevertheless, this documentary will make you feel proud of being a motorcyclist if you consider yourself as one. It also gives a detailed insight into the American motorcycling culture and its history. It can also give chill through your spine when you associate yourself as a motorcyclist after seeing this documentary.

Want to read Why we ride?

Watch this Documentary film : to understand why we ride from various perspectives. Ultimately this movie will make you want to get back on your motorcycle even if you are not an American.

#9. The world’s fastest Indian

Burt Munro had only one dream. To set the fastest land speed record in the world. He worked for 20 years to highly modify the 1920 ‘Indian’ motorcycle that he had bought that same year.  Munro was 68 and was riding a 47-year-old machine and finally he set his last record. Sounds like a movie story. Right? And yes, it is a movie story, but inspired by true events. Now that is the world’s fastest Indian. The story of the guy and his modified ‘Indian’ motorcycle.

Watch this film : to get inspired by the true events of a rider and his life and his dedication.

#10. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

This is a road movie from Kerala( means this movie is in Malayalam language). Two friends are setting out on a motorcycle trip from Kerala to Nagaland on two Royal Enfields. One of the friends is going to find his girlfriend who lives in Nagaland. His friend joins him on this mission. They both travel through various parts of India to reach their destination. The journey, incidents on the road, the backstories make the movie interesting. It is a perfect motorbike movie for any Indian to watch.

Watch this film : to have a feel of a real motorcycle trip through India and to have a light-hearted movie watching time.

Motorcycling movies for the Rider?

Do you think these were good enough list for a rider? Can you suggest more movies to add to this list? I’ll be more than happy to check out your suggestion. Please leave them in the comments.

10 motorcycle moview

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this list of motorcycle movies. I will be adding more inspiring motorcycling content to watch for your quarantine days. #motorcyclemovies

Tell me you favorites!

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