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Some more reasons to visit Kerala

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If you have gone through the previous post, you would be knowing some of my reasons to visit Kerala. If you want to read them here are the links.


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Today we can dig deep and find some funny reasons.

We sell fish at your doorstep
We sell fish at your doorstep

If it is not Kerala, where else can you get fish at your doorstep irrespective of season or weather or whatever! With their unique style of “koooooi” sound (Its not the cooing sound, but a sound that resembles to Kooooooi, the longer the better )

Like a wake up call, they come everyday morning, making this sound. Hearing their voice even cats used to come from nowhere hoping to get a couple of small fishes. Earlier they used to use bicycles, but now they have upgraded to mileage bikes! So no matter what, may it be heavy rain or scorching heat, this people will be at your doorstep everyday with fresh fish directly from the fishermen! If you love eating fish everyday, you got a reason to love Kerala


Freedom of choices
Freedom of choices

Even if you want to buy a hat, didn’t you see you have a lot of choices! Depending upon your budget, time, comforts, requirements, likes, dislikes whatever it may be, you can find something or the other that suits you. if you are looking for  tourist package you have house boats, hill stations, trekking trails, pilgrimage spots and much more to choose from.  If you are looking for hotel to stay for the night, you can find it as low as 250 rupees per day or less to 10,000 rupees per day or more.  Same goes with restaurants, cloths and almost everything. I guess its more or less same everywhere in India. So vast range of choices makes Kerala an attractive tourist destination.


Hone your bargaining skills
Hone your bargaining skills

If they ask you 1000 rupees for a souvenir drop one zero and start your bargain from there. That’s how you have bargain!

If you are not very good at bargaining, take a vacation, come to Kerala and learn a life skill. You wouldn’t be disappointed. Anyway things are pretty much less expensive here, especially for the foreign travellers. Thanks to the conversion rates. So if  you want an economical and beautiful travel experience, Kerala is one of your best choices.


Enjoy Economic Travel
Enjoy Economic Travel

These people in the above picture were enjoying a boat ride worth 0.166 USD by todays conversion!! So when I say it is economical tourism, you know that I mean it. But it comes at a price! There is a slight chances of you being stared at! Nothing serious , just kidding.


Meet the Gods
Meet the Gods

And possibly you can meet the Gods, and get acquainted with a day in their life,  their daily dose of problems ,their ego clashes and so on.  You can even touch them, get their blessings directly from them without middlemen in between you and God! Doesn’t it sound cool?!

Theyyam festivals are major tourist attractions. It gives a rich and colourful cultural experience to some one new to Kerala. Malabar region of Kerala, ( North Kerala ) is famous for its Theyyams. Kannur, a northern Kerala district is known as land of Looms and Lores. If you are an avid fan of folk lore, you have a reason to visit Kerala.



Its not only about coming here and having a good time. From decades, it was the usual practice to take something from here. Earlier days it used to be the spices of Kerala. Now things has changed a bit and status qou also changed. Now people can take some souvenirs back home.  They are equally beautiful like your Kerala travel memories and your travel photographs.


Aren’t they beautiful?

So you have enough reason to be in Kerala.

If you have more reasons please do let me know in your comments.


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