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Slow And Steady Gave those pics : Slow Shutter Speed Experiments

Published on : August 11, 2015
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I am a great fan of Slow shutter speed photography. There was one time I was experimenting a lot with slow shutter speed. Here is some of my Slow Shutter Speed collection which I was doing on Instagram.

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02.08.2014 On the way from Goa to somewhere. One of those days when I used to take my camera everywhere and tried to shoot in Manual mode like an obsession. It was during one of my shoestring budget trip on a general class Indian train journey, sitting at the doorstep, experimenting with my camera, this image happened. Konkan cost becomes prettier with its green extravaganza. Everything turns into green throughout the Konkan line. Sitting at the doorstep means indulging the greenery as well as in the naughtiness of monsoon. All of a sudden it can rain and the raindrops will be hitting you like a needle, the cold wind will make you sneeze, but it will compensate everything with its beauty. Have you taken a Konkan journey during monsoon?! #konkan #indianrailway #viewfromtrain #slowshutter #manualmode #canonphotography

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Life is busy. No one has time for anyone. Everyone runs from one place to another. But sadly they keep grudges towards something or someone. When life flows, the grudges remains constant. They never realise that once they exit from the barricade, there is a world out there, where any sort of possessions have no value. All we need is a higher ground to understand the big picture. But we are still human residing on the ground level! #longexposure #slowshutterspeed #traveltresures #travelmore # travel_magazine #traveltime #traveljunkie #travelasia #travel_captures #travelpic #travelporn #travelphotos #travelogue #traveldiary #travelstoke #travellife #traveladdict #travelphoto #travelbug #travelblog #chennai #bangalore

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