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See who I found today?


I am not sure if he has taken the ticket! Or remembered where to get down :p
(Only for those who watched the Bollywood movie Gajini 😉 )

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

75 thoughts on “See who I found today?

  1. It shouldn’t be, you guys make good movies that depicts love, I always cry when I watch them 🙂 . Would love to visit, but that will be when I’m rich enough to sponsor myself, it would be like travelling to another planet. I love dancing, and would love to learn how your ladies do the waist thing 😀

    1. is a shame that I don’t watch them much 😀
      yea, travelling can be an expensive affair at times. Well why don’t you ask the ladies about it? There are plenty even in the chain 😀

      1. Oh yes it is, so when I’m rich enough, I will visit. I even forgot I could ask them, would love to learn everything learnable 😀 , but who do I ask?

      1. Yes you do, I actually prefer Bollywood movies to Nollywood(Nigerian) movies. I love 3idiots, stonning of soraya(not sure that’s the actual name), Krish, and many more, I also watch Zee TV on cable a lot, My biggest obsession is the way the women dresses, I hope to have their attire in my wardrobe someday, and I love the dances

        1. That is really surprising! 😀 Come visit India one day 🙂 You can have the dress and see the dance too. Maybe you can dance too! 😀 Now I am sure that you are obsessed with dancing!

          1. 😀 I think thats enough eating ur head for today,..isn’t it… 😛 though do keep ur hands on the steering wheel while driving.. 🙂

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