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Postcards from Kerala

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This is my city. Enjoy the postcards from my city

Isn’t these beautiful postcards inviting enough to visit Kerala?!

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Continuing the #KeralaMillionReasons post.

You don’t have to buy postcards from Kerala as souvenirs, because it is easy for you to make yourself with your own pictures. Just make sure you have your camera with you whenever you travel in Kerala.

Here are my favourite postcards from Kerala.

Dharmadam Island,Kannur
Dharmadam Island,Kannur

Dharmadam Island : An evening view.

View from Dharmadam Island, Kannur
View from Dharmadam Island, Kannur

Another view from Dharmadam Island. One of my first outdoor long exposure experiments.

Muzhapilangadu Drive In Beach
Muzhapilangadu Drive In Beach

Muzhappilangadu Drive-in beach   where you can ride or drive anything from Bicycle to SUV. Its Kerala’s only drive in beach and it stretches around 5 km! And you can drive all along the 5km.

boat view
Sunset : View from a boat

An evening view from Fort Kochi while travelling in a boat.

The Human God
The Human God

Meet the Gods in human form, Snap from Theyyam festival at Andalurkavu, Kannur

Birds eye view from Wayanad
Birds eye view from Wayanad

Isn’t Wayanad beautiful?

An amazing morning
An amazing morning

Paddy fields are so amazing in the first ray of the day. They have a golden touch to it. So last but not the least, my favourite postcard entry among all. This picture you have been seeing in all the #KeralaMillionReason posts. Now you know the reason. It is my favourite!

A view from Pilicode, Kararagode

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113 thoughts on “Postcards from Kerala

  1. Hey..i am a malayali too.. 😉 so glad to have found ur blog through indiblogger. ..i am totally awestruck after seeing the postcards…its amazing :):).i am a new blogger and blog on travel, food etc chcek out my blog too…but my photos are no where when compared to urs…hehehe.. great pics my friend ! keep clicking 🙂

  2. why not lots of yellow sun out in some of the pictures, fixing it on the bathroom will relax the bathroom visitors and make the time in the bathroom more interesting.

  3. Wayanad really looks beautiful….the drive in beach is nice too, the idea of it. I can see you are a proud Kerala person…nice

    1. Dharmadam island is not a popular tourist spot yet, even though it has made it into many lists of better touristy spots.
      You have to reach Thalaseery,Kannur from Kochi. From there you can take a bus, auto or taxi.
      Thanks again 🙂

      1. Delhi, Agra, Mumbai already done…but I really need some countryside of that amazing country! No better place than Kerala…and Kumarakom in particular I think. Need one of those houseboat staycations! 😉

  4. Jithin,

    Nice to meet a travel lover. Loved your post cards. I think I also should make post cards of all the pics that I have of KL. I miss having a wide angle and telephoto lens 🙁


          1. That’s a good choice too. So do you use any wide angle or prime lens. My next target is a 50mm f1.4 along with 70-300.

          2. 18-55 mm is my wide angle. I don’t have any other lenses other than these 2. Yea, I also want to buy one 50mm prime.
            Well I belong to Canon family. You are from Nikon family. Right?! 😀

          3. By the cheapest transport possible 😀 Trains these days. But I did some bike, car trips in the past. Usually I take the cheapest route though 😀

  5. These pictures are enough to take my breath away, I probably won’t be able to breathe at all if I actually visited Kerala! Ahaha 😀 I’ve never seen a sunrise-paddy field, have always been too scared of bugs to stay the night in my great-grans village 😛 thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Haha.. you should bring an oxygen cylinder with mask when you are planning to visit Kerala 😛 And thank you very much too 🙂
      Haha, there wont be any bugs to be scared of, in the paddy field. So next time do witness the daily miracle! And you are welcome 🙂

      1. Oxygen mask? But the fresh air!! I can’t miss that, definitely 😉 ahaha bugs still make me run faster than I usually can, so I don’t know 😛 I’ve watched a paddyfield sunset though! It was beautiful too 🙂

        1. Haha..That was hilarious 😀 Anyway I am glad that you have seen a paddy field sunset. Maybe you should check the other side in the morning for a sunrise 😉

  6. Pictures always speak more than words and this time again they beckon me to visit Kerala. Soon soon. Loved the pictorial representations of one of the finest states of the country.

      1. Awwww cool! Have you thought about linking your postcards from your blog onto a pinterest album? I would definetly follow and pin them myself on my future travels album 🙂

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