The samosa seller

People and Jobs #15

The Samosa Seller

The samosa seller
The samosa seller

Anil [U.P., India] Now at UAE

This guy makes and sells Samosas on his bicycle. As I was walking aimlessly, met this guy. In fact he stopped seeing someone walking with a camera, and wanted a picture taken. The picture was taken, conversations were exchanged. And we were about to leave. Then this guy stopped after a few meters and returned to give me a free samosa! I am getting lessons on kindness from totally unexpected places for sure.

Now the kind man is the Samosa seller.



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Rambling Rose

So Jithin .. .have you stopped the series with the Samosa Seller ? And what does the Anil .. etc now in UAE mean … that you maintained contact with him ?? Really ? Fill me in the blanks please … am curious.


I tried samosa last weekend in a India restaurant. I didn’t know about it until I read this post. Delicious!


where are the samosas?


A small act of kindness goes a long way…Pay it forward Jithin! 🙂


Your people and jobs is a gracious way to tell moving stories of ordinary people. I appreciate your effort. 🙂 Btw, my subs of your blog disappeared, so I’ll need to re-subs.


Wow what a sweet gesture! This is exactly what people say “surprises happened when you least expected” 🙂


Acts of kindness are mostly learnt from people with a generous means of life, the rest, well most of them who think they have money and hence are rich are actually the poor souls!

Priceless Joy

How sweet.


Just looking at the dear man’s face, I see kindness written all over it!
Loved reading this! 🙂


Lovely 🙂 You made me so hungry for samosas now!!! 😛

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