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People and Jobs #15

The samosa seller

The Samosa Seller

The samosa seller
The samosa seller

Anil [U.P., India] Now at UAE

This guy makes and sells Samosas on his bicycle. As I was walking aimlessly, met this guy. In fact he stopped seeing someone walking with a camera, and wanted a picture taken. The picture was taken, conversations were exchanged. And we were about to leave. Then this guy stopped after a few meters and returned to give me a free samosa! I am getting lessons on kindness from totally unexpected places for sure.

Now the kind man is the Samosa seller.


Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

51 thoughts on “People and Jobs #15

  1. So Jithin .. .have you stopped the series with the Samosa Seller ? And what does the Anil .. etc now in UAE mean … that you maintained contact with him ?? Really ? Fill me in the blanks please … am curious.

    1. I kind of stopped many of my regular posts after the Dubai visit. Kind of got busy with other stuff. So with the samosa seller, it came to a temporary halt. Well I have talked a few people in the picture. Some wanted the picture back, so i had their contacts too. Do you want to know anything more?

      1. Oh man you are so funny … I asked because it is not usual – for me at least – to be in contact with a chance ‘acquaintance’ but you are very very much a people person. Way to go. Now restart your people series. 🙂

        1. haha. i’m not always a people person 😉 Im mostly reserved and when i get some impulsive outburst I go and make acquaintances and keep in touch with them 😉

          Thank you for the motivation, I will try to restart the series 🙂

  2. Your people and jobs is a gracious way to tell moving stories of ordinary people. I appreciate your effort. 🙂 Btw, my subs of your blog disappeared, so I’ll need to re-subs.

      1. I subscribed you blog sometime ago through my WP Reader, then it’s disappeared. Since I didn’t get the notices from Reader, so I thought you have not been putting posts. I then re-subs a couple of days ago, your new post still didn’t show up.
        This series is a well-thought one. it was hard for me to view, but I’m making myself to… I always believe that it takes kindness to recognize and accept kindness. 🙂

  3. Acts of kindness are mostly learnt from people with a generous means of life, the rest, well most of them who think they have money and hence are rich are actually the poor souls!

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