The deserted man

People and Jobs #14

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The Deserted Man

The deserted man
The deserted man

Mohd. Rafeeq, Pakistan.

I met him during my first encounter with the desert.

He sits here under the sun from morning to evening, checking and keeping the record of the trucks that comes to this area for sand.

He is the deserted man.

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Great! what’s the chair for?


a tough job!


Pictures speak volumes…especially this one. Love it


Very thoughtful series… I just can’t click the “like”.


Hope he stays hydrated while doing his job! All the best to him! 😉 Awesome series BTW! 🙂


This really seems tough especially with the heat.


Nice click. I suggest, Send/gift him a mask from online retailers..he is more likely to get silicosis (lung disease)


this made me kinda sad.
I love this series.. keep it up!

Bill Chance

I love these – they remind me of the “people of New York” series – it’s amazing to consider the variety of all these people’s lives… think of the things they’ve seen, the stories they could tell.

Thanks for sharing.


I love your “People and Jobs” series.
Such a fascinating picture. Thee dear man’s office, lunch room and work area all combined. It would be a long, hot day!
Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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