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People and Jobs #13

The Weighing man

The Weighing man

The Weighing man
The Weighing man

There is a machine standing tall, near him. It is the Delhi Weighing machine. Funny is the name as it’s got no connection with Delhi. Though it does two jobs of weighing and measuring height. And he charges 2 rupees for a person. Hundreds of people walk past, noticing everything except him and the machine. Out of which one might notice him on his lucky day. On a luckier day he might get a 50 rupees. On one such a lucky day, when given 20 rupees he rejected and returned it, saying he’s got no change. Still there are people for whom honesty comes first than anything else.

Salute to the everyday heroes!

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

23 thoughts on “People and Jobs #13

          1. Yes,the last time I saw this with my own eyes,I wrote two poems back to back in anger,pain,sorrow and it makes me a bit teary eyed 🙁

          2. No,I am not…I am a human with huge set of follies and no clear virtues 🙂 Ok,now you must be hyper-saturated 😛

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