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Murudeshwar: A retreat for everyone!

Murudeshwar offers something for everyone. If you are an adventure freak, a beach bum, just another traveller looking for some quality time alone or with family, or a religious person; this place has got something for you all!

Murudeshwar for those who interested in Hindu religion

Murudeshwar means Lord Shiva, the Hindu God. So obviously this place is connected with the religious travel circuit. And this town lies on the coast of Arabian sea, that makes it a place filled with water adventure activities. The proximity of Netrani island or the Pigeon island makes it a wonderful place to scuba dive. So just pick your category, your reason to visit Murudeshwar.

As wiki says ‘Murudeshwar is a town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India’.


This place can boast of having the world’s second tallest Shiva statue. Tallest is in Nepal. The statue is 123 feet (37 m) in height.


World's second highest Shiva statue
World’s second highest Shiva statue

Comparison can be done by checking out the people in the picture.

And the tall Gopura is equally fascinating. This 20 storied gopura  is known as Raja Gopura and the sheer 237 feet height makes it royal true to its name.

The RajaGopura
The RajaGopura

They have installed a lift inside this Rajagopura and they charge a 10 rupees for using it. This lift will take you to the top of the Gopura from where you can have a stunning view of the entire area.

Looking outside from RajaGopura
Looking outside from RajaGopura

People enjoying the classic view of Murudeshwar from Rajagopura top floor. And the classic view looks like this

Murudeshwar, the classic view
Murudeshwar, the classic view

Also you can see the entire beach, the sea, the people, the boats, car and buses.

The birds eye view of the beach
The birds eye view of the beach

What I have found interesting about this temple is that, people from all over the world have access to the temple irrespective of the caste, creed colour or gender. And I could enter inside the temple with my backpack and camera. I have found no restrictions at all except with the sandals and shoes which one has to keep outside before entering ( a common practice in India though)

And I was lucky to be part of the Annadhana or free meals.

Inside the food hall
Inside the food hall

Some other places to visit

There are some art gallery sort of place where stories from Indian mythology is recreated.

stories from epics
stories from epics

Or if you want more blessings, then may be you can think of travelling to these places

Nearby places of Interest
Nearby places of Interest

Murudeshwar gave me an amazing time. It was very economical to stay here, I had no restrictions or whatsoever. I really enjoyed this place.

The next post is for the adventure freaks, photographers, explorers and budget travellers.

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16 thoughts on “Murudeshwar: A retreat for everyone!

  1. I do nothing I only update a site called , write stories and do blog commenting… nothing outside societal norms…when I meant exploring I meant last year did a bit of volunteering, some times do small travel here and there and go to events like concerts, or shows… I have not found anything I do close to my heart…(: if I do that I will cease being restless and imperfect perhapes…anyway have a good day, got nice rd burman songs today and nice weather for contentment whole day…glad you appreciate that profond philosophy

  2. Well… I don’t know… it is relative… if you see yourself compared to others, it is frustrating…but if you just accept yourself and just believe you will be successful someday things look good… you got to believe in yourself more than numerology and accept the bad luck and good luck and never get frustrated or take life too seriously to break down for failiurs and such things… I have undergone massive personal growth one year later the name change, just the spirit to look out and explore and embracing some oppurtunities in having a good time… I know that tommorow things may be great, bad etc and it does not matter…as long as healthy life is there let us try to do something, just hoping I do useful or worthwhile things ahead, I really don’t mind being addressed by my old or new name now, or particular about numelogy rituals, like signing your name ‘en’ number of times to attract good luck or doing things on good date for success… I rather face and live heaven and hell than expect magic from above God or planet, I don’t mind blessing and luck but I don’t think it is fun to believe planets and other energy define and control you… though I do follow things – astrology, I like stars and moon and listen to discourses on everything…inspirational stories, self management, thinking, yoga and once a while try to explore something… I think it really gives positive results weather or not with neurological changes… but I like my new name a lot and have changed my bank acct and pan to it… maybe it is good… but everything somes after effort more than change in name to attract good planet energy(: the sooner one realises that, the better it will be(:…a feeling of independence, control and growth, rather a better relationship with life… one should never live that straight always, somethings getting wild takes you some where and you will find and understand and define your limits I think.

    1. That was pretty profound! I like the philosophy that you are believing in. Now I am curious and being nosy to know what is that thing that you are doing right now, that is close to your heart, a bit against the society norms.

  3. only profile page, I am using that as some sort of online diary(: yeah my original name is Priya, two years back I changed my name to Prreeya, I am not a numelogy fan thesedays, I am fan of life(:…but I like my new name anyway… it is different(:

  4. that train has 2 separate numbers(: first few bogies kunoor exp and later half karwar exp… yeah I am a story listen and story writer and always like to share these stories…the view from the gopura is great as well… I write too on my small travel experiences not on blogs but on my facebook page(: …goodday

    1. yea. I guess the number differs by 1 number. +/-1 for up and down directions. I don’t know the numbers were entirely different.
      Good to know that. So what is your facebook page?

  5. Oh my gosh!! Do you know the train which goes to Murudeshwar from Bangalore has two names… It is Karwar Exp but in the station that train will be called Kunoor Exp… We went to caught the train to Murudeshwar but did not know that Karwar Exp is Kunoor Exp(: …it seems karwar Exp will come when we cross some bogies of the train… and sometimes it is vice versa, that is Karwar exp bogies will be up front and Kunnor at the back… We really had some incidents when we reached Murudeshwar because I left my bag in the train and went to hotle and spend the first evening at the station requesting the station master to retrieve our bag which was kept in Kumta station. The next day we had some fun, water rides at the ocean(: and lunch on Naveen Resort which was on sea!!!… more than that Shiva God which was dissapointing for me I liked the sea though did not like those horrible locals who do water craft ride taking there spitting… I heard that Netravathi Island 25 kms away will be a awesome place to snokell… and heard stories of dolphine and I saw a eagle on some rock on the sea(: I got sea sell band as memory from that place… It is fun place and cheap travel option(:, next station is Honnavar and there is a bridge which goes on Sharavathi river, longest bridge guess… I really like this place and here is something you may find interesting… I don’t like Shiva God but still attracted to songs on him and here is Ragu Dixshit with my favorite Kanada song taken on Murudeshwar(:

    Anyway… that Shiva God looks great from the ocean though… and the sea view from the back of that Shiva statue is quite lovely too(: and lot of white birds can be spotted here…

    1. haha.. safest way to identify a train is from its number. You need to check that one next time 😀 Yea, I remember Navin restaurant which is on the side of the sea. Nice view. It seems You have interesting stories wherever you go 😀
      Yea at nethrani island you can snorkel and scuba dive. You know a lot about this place. I guess you are a Kannada hudugi 😀 Well I like Raghu Dixit too. But somehow not this song. Anyway thanks for the link. Indeed the view from the top of raja gopura is awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for the encouraging comment. 🙂
      Indeed, the coastal stretch is very beautiful, so is the Konkan journey.
      Btw Murudeshwar isn’t finished yet. One more post coming soon 🙂

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