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Mundane Monday Challenge #73 : Learn Photography

Beyond this point

Welcome to Mundane Monday Challenge v 2.0

There are two ways to look at this challenge. One is to look around and find beauty. That is a great way to look at mundane things and be grateful for them. It can help one to change their perspective and helps one to understand that nothing is Ordinary.

The second way to approach this challenge is to look around and find beautiful frames. Try to include a mundane object in such frame. And by following or un-following the composition guidelines, make them look great. This not only helps you to with changing the perspective, but also with improving your photography skills.

I want you to focus on making interesting frames and photographs. So the focus is more on photography. Now I want you to make beautiful compositions of those seemingly mundane objects.

I have already written down a few guidelines on how to try and make a mundane setting into a beautiful frame. Below you can find the link

To get the most out from this challenge here are some: Guidelines

The new challenge, from here onwards will be called

Mundane Monday Challenge : Learn Photography

This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things and frame it beautifully and upload the photographs. And give me a pingback by including the url of this post in your challenge post.

If you think this challenge helps you to see ordinary things in a more beautiful way and to improve your photography, do help a friend to improve their skills too. You are free to Tag/Challenge a friend to join MMC, so that world around us look more beautiful to more people around us.

Beyond this point
Beyond this point

Here goes my entry for this week’s MMC.

What will happen if you go beyond this point?!


So What are you trying this week?

Hope to see your entries. You can participate in this challenge till next Saturday.

Previous Week’s entries

Poolside Trio by Marie

Independence Day by Parul

Bird House by Leara

Freedom Flight by Natasha

Lost and Found by Karen

Water Frame by Dr. K.O.

Jaguar by Gun

Gated Community by Margarita

Home Interiors by Marilyn

Inside Pub by Dr. H Bhatnagar

Mundane Seat by Sayanti

Curves and Lines by Laura

Simply Framing by Lynne

Confinement by I.J.Khanewala

Whats the story by Aadhira

Thank you everyone for joining the challenge 🙂





Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

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  1. Maybe free employment.. 😉 And hope they would push out after paying a hefty full and final settlement.. 😛 😛 😛

    By the way cool click once again.. 🙂

    Note: I haven’t received pingback for the link.. Is this normal or is it just for me?

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