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Mundane Monday Challenge #47

Criss Cross

Welcome to Mundane Monday Challenge.

This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs. And give me a pingback.

Anyone who comes across this post can take part in this challenge. And you are free to challenge or invite other bloggers who might be interested in finding beauty in those everyday things all around us.

Some: Guidelines

Here goes my entry for this week’s MMC.

Criss Cross
Criss Cross

This week I looked up and found this.

So What are you trying this week?

Hope to see your entries. You can participate in this challenge till next Monday.

Previous Week’s entries

Organ Pipes by Lynne

Macro Hair band by Dr. H Bhatnagar

Mundanities of life by Indira

Plane Trail by Debbie

Maintenance Chronicles by Miriam

Happy Cat by Dr. K.O.

Shopping Mal l#1 by Gun

Shopping Mal l#2 by Gun

Shopping Mal l#3 by Gun

Shopping Mal l#4 by Gun

Shopping Mall #5 by Gun

Bicycle on the beach by Luanne

Looking up and Down by E Adams Wright

Unattended by TJ

The Sequence by Aadhira

Sunset at Hampi by Parul

Leaf Acne by Fim

Monitor Lizard by Rose

Glorious Ceylon by Rose

Thank you everyone for joining the challenge 🙂

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

42 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #47

  1. Fabulous Pic! I love these kind of abstract and very artistic odds and ends. Is it a work of art, a functional antenna or whatsyoumacallit?
    My own POW pinged back for this week as well!
    Have fun all!

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