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Mundane Monday Challenge #2

Mundane Monday : Switch Board

Welcome to Mundane Monday Challenge.

This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs. And give me a pingback.

Anyone who comes across this post can take part in this challenge. And you are free to challenge or invite other bloggers who might be interested in finding beauty in those everyday things all around us.

Mundane Monday : Switch Board
Mundane Monday : Switch Board

Here goes my entry for this Mundane Monday Challenge.

Hope to see your entries. You can participate in this challenge till next Monday. We will have a new Mundane Monday challenge next week as well.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

45 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #2

      1. Good. Then I suppose, the meaning behind mundane photography challenge is to find dull earthly subjects and to capture them such, that they appear exciting and special..basically, beautiful…

        So, one cannot expect to make other see beauty in mundane things they see..or capture..

        but, when it comes to beauty, its cannot be mundane..

        Your photos cannot be mundane, just because the object is mundane..

        Ahem ahem gear up Mr J, a critic is eyeing on your works like a magnet to a nail 😀

        1. In the process of criticising, I think you it made you to believe that I wanted you to post mundane photographs. It is said that photographs of mundane things.
          Now don’t tell me I meant Monday are mundane too 😛

      1. Thank you. Presently I am doing five photos five stories challenge. In fact I am going to invite you for the same. You as it is do it. just write a line or a paragraph based on a pic and give the title.

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