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7 Royal Enfield Motorcycling movies to watch during self-quarantine

Published on : July 31, 2020
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After the previous list of movie suggestions, I have found a list of amazing  Motorcycling movies to watch, mostly Royal Enfield videos for the motorcyclist in you.  Though you can find many moto-vloggers these days, Royal Enfield has some stunning professionally made motorcycling videos along with some cool inspirational texts to keep you motivated.

After watching this, all you can think of would be to get back on your motorcycle, once this lock-down is over.

Let’s get to the list of Motorcycling movies to watch, without any delay.

The past, the present and the future of Royal Enfield with Gordon G May 

Royal Enfield is incomplete if you don’t talk about Gordon May. The brand has released an exclusive interview with the legend himself. Watch the whole video here and surprise yourself with all the unknown facts about your favourite brand.

Snow White

If you like off-roading and  you are a fan of Royal Enfield Himalayan, like Dev Venkatesh in the above video, you should definitely check out the Himalayan video collection on Royal Enfield YouTube channel.

Till date, I never got a chance to ride in snow conditions. But after checking out this Royal Enfield Himalayan cruising through white snow, I think I want to do exactly the same at the earliest next possible opportunity!

The Royal Enfield Bullet!

If you love Royal Enfield, you would definitely love the Bullet.  In that case, you should also check out the Bullet Trials videos. This one below particularly caught my attention.

The video starting from showing a footage from 70 years ago truly tells the most enduring tale in motorcycling. No wonder why so many people are huge fans of the Bullet!

The Madras stripes

All the fans of Bullets know about the legendary golden thick-and-thin pinstripes, also called Madras stripes which you can see on the fuel tank of Royal Enfield Bullet. You must also know that they are all hand-painted, just like the old days. Here is a short video from Royal Enfield collection that shows how it is done. 

Isn’t the craftsmanship of the artist just wonderful?! What a confident, simple, elegant and perfect two strokes!

The Interceptor

If you want to get to know the relatively new boys in town, who are inspired by the iconic 60’s Interceptor, you should check out the video Royal Enfield Twins | Interceptor INT 650 Story. It gives you more idea about the character of this motorcycle and the story and the motorcycle culture behind it. 

Riding in the mountains

If riding in the mountains is what you are dreaming now, here is something to take your breath away- a Himalayan Adventure! Riding in Leh- Ladakh is amazing, but riding through various terrains of Nepal in the lap of Himalaya takes the riding game to another level. Check this adventure out. 

I hope you have gotten enough inspiration to get you through the quarantine days. But I have something more for you, I guess.

Bonus Video

When this lockdown is over, your motorcycle should be in great condition for all these adventures. So you have to take care of your machine. While I was going through the Royal Enfiled YouTube channel, I found some maintenance videos on their official channel. I never knew it existed. So I thought I will share it.

After not using the motorcycle for a long while, the most common problem would be with getting it started. I hope that doesn’t happen to you. But if it does happen, here is one video from the Royal Enfield channel. Though it is specifically made for Twins, it will still be useful for your model.

Enjoyed this list of Motorcycling movies to watch?

I hope these videos will be helpful for the motorcyclist in you, especially the Royal Enfield fans, in keeping your spirits up during this lockdown time. Sometimes the wait is part of the journey.

Royal Enfield Movies

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