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Materialistic Happiness

The happy man

What inference will you come to once you see this person?

Is he happy? Can he be happy? Will he be happy?

If I merely believed in materialistic way of life, I would have guessed that he is not happy as he doesn’t have any possessions. But what if he is happy because of the very reasons?!

He doesn’t have to worry about losing things, achieving that promotion, about the stock prices . What if He is happy and content with whatever little or a little he has. These kind of people who are content with their life, without any possessions are always gives the happy radar a tough time.

That’s why I love kids. No happy radar needed to understand their emotions. When and how did we lose our innocence?


Do you want a happy radar for this one too??


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6 thoughts on “Materialistic Happiness

  1. Ahh, I totally agree with this. It’s heartbreaking that we’ve given up what was rightfully ours, the happiness of a care-free person, to fill our lives with the worry and greed we’re drowning in now :/

  2. Beautifully put! The happiest times come when we don’t think about what we need or have, but with whom we are spending that time and what we are doing. There are very few things we truly need, beyond food and shelter, and yet we spend so much time worrying about those things!

    As a side note, I love your photography!

  3. I think one of the reasons I refuse to grow up is the nostalgia for my genuinely happy days as a kid. We were very poor until I was around 10 yo, but I remember being happy with the little we had

    1. I am glad that at least someone could relate oneself with my post.
      Yes, we were genuinely happy once!! with whatever we had. But later somehow we got conditioned to believe in certain way. We need to redeem our long lost pure happiness!

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