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Today I found on Kerala tourism twitter page about a contest. You need to post pictures stating one of the million reasons why you love Kerala. This idea made me go through my picture collections to find some Kerala pictures. Through my pictures I was finding my reasons to love Kerala. Some may sound funny, some you will agree and some you will agree to disagree. Anyway I found that I can frame a lot of pictures and frame it to hang it on my own wall. Kerala offers so many picturesque locations and that will be my prime reason to love to travel all around Kerala.

So I am going to share my #KeralaMillionReasons pictures along with reasons.

Live in greenery
Live in greenery

Where else can you live and immerse yourself in so much lush green environment?

I was born and brought up in Kerala. So that is my first and foremost reason to love Kerala. Its my home state and it is so green everywhere, especially during monsoons. This is a view from Kannur. Kannur is in Malabar region, North of Kerala.

During Monsoons
During Monsoons

Talking about Monsoons. It not only offers beautiful greenery but certain scenery like the one above. This is Dharmadam island during Monsoons. Yet another beautiful view that made me love Kerala one more time.

Monsoon Trekking
Monsoon Trekking

Where else can you find a trekking spot in almost each district?

Even though monsoon can be scary at times, it doesn’t mean that you cant have fun during this time in Kerala. You can find some hills, with varying trek difficulty in almost all districts of Kerala. Monsoon trekking can be an entirely different experience if you haven’t done it yet. NB : Beware of leeches 😉

This place in above picture is Paithal mala (Vaithal mala) in Kannur district.

Munnar, the name is enough
Munnar, the name is enough

Where else can you find Munnar?

Munnar is one of the best destinations as far as tourists are concerned. This place is magic. The drive or ride through those hair pin curves are exhilarating. The view from top is breath taking. The entire place is so beautiful. Hope these are more than enough reasons for me to fall in love with a place.

(Coming up next : Travelling through Kerala.)

Unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose.


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Just found this page 😉 I am trying to get back to India later in the year and I really wanna go to Kerala, especially Kumarakom backwaters. Also Munnar and Kovalam, as well as Cochin. Would you recommend spending a night on one of those special backwaters boats, or maybe just take a day trip on one and then return to the hotel? Kerala seems so vibrant and historic.

Rambling Rose

I’ve heard Kerala is one of the most beautiful and scenic districts in India. Sure looks serene.

rodi (Rob and Diane)

Ah; leeches
been there, done that; In Borneo; we even got certificates for giving blood to the Tiger Leeches of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Well, that is one argument for the Western Hemisphere’s tropical zone; no leeches !!

Looking forward to seeing your birthplace; Our blog buddy (Maverickbird, one of my favorite bloggers ever) has generously offered to join us if we ever visit to help navigate the chaos and show us life from the perspective of a native. Maybe we can meet you someday also.

Rob and Diane


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