This is pure happiness

Is Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth?

Wednesday Disney #13

Lets check if people are really happy or is it just hype.

These girls are definitely happy
These girls are definitely happy
This is pure happiness
This is pure happiness
Now this is bliss
Now this is bliss
Kids and adults we waiting in the queue
Now they are definitely enjoying themselves
She is happy too i guess She is happy too i guess
She is happy too i guess

But they are still watching it

they are still watching it and definitely curious

Altogether everyone seems to be happy here. Seeing them all happy, I am also happy! What do you think?

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…’cept for the folks who got measles….
beautiful pictures!

Fimnora Westcaw

I agree, watching people enjoying things is happiness I the making. Not all happiness has to be in the activity of doing, but can also come back and with the magic wand of memory, touch us, more deeply, and make us more happy 🙂

petite poetries and more

Well..not the only one on Earth but yes it is a happy place.! 🙂 and yes, ‘she is happy too I guess’ is an amazing capture! 🙂


Looks like there was lots of happiness to go around (and there always seems to be when I visit too!) 🙂 nice pictures.


The image of the girl “She is happy too i guess” stole my heart… 🙂

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