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Ice, water, steam

Ice, water, steam : Subject, shadow, reflection

One shot, three birds
One shot, three birds

One of the lucky shots!

So next year, maybe I want to take better pictures, planned lucky shots something unlike this which happened out of sheer luck. I didn’t even know I have a picture like this, with the crow, its reflection and shadow all in one! What if I could think, plan and execute such a shot! Maybe I can call myself a better amateur 😀

And next year I am hoping to get better lenses and if possible better camera. A lot more travels. More experiences. More happiness. And more of everything good 😉 Oh I wish I was less lazy 😉

Happy New year Everyone 🙂

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

68 thoughts on “Ice, water, steam

          1. You were right,colorpalette seems to be transformed !!!! btw I have a tiny something for you in roundworldnme as well 😀

          2. Surprisingly no !!! not a bite but may be because today everyone is excited and cheerful,so it makes me jumping around too 😀

          3. well about the transformation, I am not sure if it is my internet or browser; or is it because you didn’t set a featured image, I am not able to see any pictures in your home page!

          4. Not all of them has featured image but 1st 3 definitely have featured image and are displayed ,I loved the eye display at top 😀

          5. oh dear, your beautiful transformation comes at a price!! Your home page loads at painstakingly low pace!! And some pictures are half loaded. Blame it on my internet

  1. Happy new year boy, hope you have a good time ahead with travelling and photography and life in general.
    That said, I hope I can buy a 70-300 and 50mm prime lens this year 😀

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