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Hand written

hand written
hand written
hand written

Write with pen or pencil. But make sure you are writing something beautiful.

(In response to today’s Daily Prompt : Pens and Pencils )


Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

57 thoughts on “Hand written

          1. I haven’t written anything long. but noted down a few things this week. Earlier I couldn’t write something on computer, I needed a paper. But I am comfortable on computer too!

    1. haha.. you want me to edit it?! 😛 Anyway I am not using a mac! I still have to catch up with your recent posts!
      Anyway thank you for checking out the hand written post 😉

    1. That is an interesting information. just now I was discussing about actually writing something. I might do it on Friday then 😀 Now I have a reason to do it. Thank you for sharing.
      What are you planning?

          1. Do it.. Do it, write one poem in Malayalam. I am listening to Sandharshanam by Venugopal anyways 🙂
            Well you can mail me your address, and I will definitely write to you, don’t know what.. may be some poem that I haven’t published here 😛

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