Playing with fire

Explore The Elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire

This is an attempt to explore 4 elements namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire through a few photographs. Explore The Elements is a Travel Photoblogging Challenge organized by Thomas Cook.

Lets start exploring the element Earth, where we all are living.

Earth is a beautiful place indeed.

It can be very soft..

Soft, muddy land
Soft, muddy land

At times it can be very harsh too..

Harsh deserts
Harsh deserts // OFFICIAL ENTRY // @ Desert, Sharjah, UAE

Or very rough and tough

Rough road leading to Tough mountain
Rough road leading to Tough mountain

Also it can be hard and Stubborn

Also it can be hard and Stubborn
Hard Rocks Caring the soft water

We can see that however tough the earth looks, it takes care and protects the water.

This leads to the exploration of next element Water.

Be like still water that gives you a true reflection of the self.

Reflections on water
Colourful Reflections on water

Or be like flowing water that is moving so freely

Free flowing water
Free flowing water

And make intrinsic patterns that comes with that freedom.

Patterns of Water
Patterns of Water

And flow around the obstacles with all your might towards the goal

Flowing around the obstacles
Flowing around the obstacles

And be a free spirit to enjoy the freedom like flowing water

Enjoy the freedom
Enjoy the freedom // OFFICIAL ENTRY// @Kerala, India

Talking of the free bird, they are the kings and queens of sky. That leads to our next element, Air.

Fly high in the air, fly above your obstacles

Flying high
Flying high

And enjoy the majestic flight..

Majestic Flight
Majestic Flight

Or be really become a free bird and enjoy life to its fullest

Be a free bird
Be a free bird // OFFICIAL ENTRY // @Kerala, India

And expand your life and go up with air like lightness..

Or maybe like smoke..

Smoking up
Smoking up

Yes, the smoke that signals the starting of Fire.

Fire isn’t fun to play with, but some rituals involves fire play

Playing with fire
Playing with fire // OFFICIAL ENTRY // @Kerala, India

Step back and enjoy the beauty of all consuming fire..

The beauty of fire
The beauty of fire

And talk about life sitting around it

Sitting around the fire
Sitting around the fire

And laugh at life’s problems..

Fire Silhouette
Fire Silhouette

And explore all these elements again if you are interested.

Thank you Moon Roy for nominating me for this contest.

As per the rules of the contest I am nominating 5 fellow travellers and photographers for this contest








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Indah Susanti

Great images! Wow, I am truly impressed by the fires pictures and the water movement images!
Thank you so much for nominating me! I am truly honored – I have to check what I can do about it 🙂 It is bit busy this week but I will try my best! Have a wonderful week!!


Hey, Done, it’s there. 🙂 Thank you again!


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It’s a wonder idea 😀 And very well presented, the pictures are absolutely stunning 😀 Hard work and beautiful results ! Kudos 😀

Hargun Wahi

The photographs are fantastic.. as well as your knack of describing it all in a few words. That makes the post all the more interesting.
keep up the great work..and keep travelling to all those interesting places 🙂


first two *fire shots …sorry 😛 🙂


Awesome…and I knew it 🙂 earth shots are great, especially the way you connected them with your words and I love the first two fore shots. Nice warm glow of fire looks beautiful. All the best for contest. However, need to mark one photo as official entry in each category. I missed it first in my post. Later updated as ThomasCook told me on twitter.

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