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Do or Drown

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In Due Time

Do or Drown

Do or Drown

This picture is from a recent trip when I went to explore a little island alone.

It was the time of the low tide. So it was possible to walk to the interiors of this island. So when I found it was low tide and it is possible to walk towards the island I decided to explore the place. I was late in the evening, I was alone, I don't know how long it would be like this, when water would rise up and more importantly I am not a confident swimmer.

I was exploring the island, and in the mean time water was rising up. I literally had a deadline in front of me. Before water could do any nasty trick on me, I came to the shore which you can see on the top part of the picture.

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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Indah Susanti

Love the blue tones here. Did you do it on purpose?

Great picture. Always such an adventure when dealing with tides. Especially if you are not a confident swimmer (or like me, a non-swimmer).. lol.
Thank you for sharing! 🙂


Yep...pretty much the same! My "swimming" consists of swimming to the bottom (not on purpose)..lol


Beautiful shot! <3 It looked very calming and peaceful to me 🙂


You're welcome 🙂 Yea, I think so...probably because of the blue hue effect 😉


Very beautiful picture!


loved this shot!


You also captured the tranquility. Great shot!

Soul n Spirit

I feel saying singing BLUEEEE ! Beautiful capture 🙂


I loved the hue of blue 🙂 Quite an adventure in dark !!

Awesome picture! The blue hues are so soothing! Wow!

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