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Curvy road-ride to the Carvings of Cavemen

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Posted On : September 17, 2014
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Doesn't it sounds a bit like a tongue twister?! 😉

I am on my way to see some carvings created by cave men! I am taking you with me on this amazing road journey. This is a pleasurable drive indeed. You will soon come to know.

The best time to drive I believe is in the morning.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala

A good Morning

The roads will be empty or  Lesser traffic. Sun won't be too harsh and the weather will be lovely.  The drive will be peaceful except if  you are a fan of rash driving.

And I love to click from a moving body, may it be a car, a bike or a train. Because the sense of achievement after getting a good picture while moving is incredible for me.  There are a lot of factors to take care while taking a picture, like the settings, the composition etc etc within a very short span of time. To add more challenge to the situation, I try to take all the pictures in full manual mode keeping the lens in Auto focus.  So forgive me if any picture isn't up to a certain standard.

Well coming back to the curvalicious road.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala

Curvalicious roads

The road which we are taking in this journey is going to be very nice in most of the parts unlike many other roads in this area.

So after an hour or so you can see the changes in the surrounding.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala

The first signs

Slowly we are going up the hill. And the first signs started so show up. A beautiful mountain region decorated with clouds can be considered as a good omen, at least I am considering it as one now.

So we are moving higher up. Yes we are approaching a hill highway.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala Tourism

Start of Hill highway

Lets have a look through the window.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala Tourism

Western ghats

Oh! isn't it the beautiful western Ghats?! Yes it is.

Lets see what wiki says about

The Western Ghats are a mountain range that runs almost parallel to the western coast of Indian peninsula. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India

travel to edakkal caves, kerala Tourism

Western Ghats again

As the view got better, traffic got worse.  A long line of vehicle formed in no time.

travel to edakkal caves, kerala Tourism

You are on Queue

But the real fun of driving had just started!! Do you want to see how the road looked like from above?

travel to edakkal caves, kerala Tourism

Thamarassery churam

If you are following me from the beginning, you will be remembering about this tricky curves of Kerala among the travelling is so much fun in Kerala pictures. This is the famous Thamarassery churam with 9 hair pin bends like this. Driving through this path is nightmare to some, while fun for some other people.

Travel to Edakkal caves, Kerala tourism

Manoeuvring the curves

For the bus drivers it's neither nightmare nor fun, but their daily life. I'm sure these curves have so many stories to tell, both good and not so good ones.

Also the stories of effort and hard work of hundreds of people who made this road possible.

Travelling to Edakkal caves, wayanad, kerala tourism

The bird's-eye view

Here you can see how small the man is, at the same time how he his hard work made impossible, possible!

The thoughts were disturbed by a bunch of ancestors of humans.

Monkeys rule the road side

Monkeys rule the road side

Monkeys are a common sight in this route. There are a bunch of them in here.

We were moving forward without wasting much time. And we were approaching our destination. The sign board welcomes us.

Kerala toursim, wayanad, edakkal caves

Welcome to Wayanad

So we came from Kozhikode district to Wayanad district. Both belongs to Kerala, southern state of India, popularly known among tourists as God's own country because of its greenery, Ayurveda, backwaters and much more. You can find some reasons here in the Kerala million reasons 

The view again started to change. This time it was the beautiful tea plantation, escorting the curvy roads.

kerala tourism, edakkal, wayanad, tea estates

Through the tea estates

The different shades of Greenery gives a special feeling while driving. And I couldn't stop clicking. These are just very small percentage of pictures that I have clicked. Maybe I will upload more pictures at my instagram.

Anyway we were about to reach. The shades of road started to change along with the greenery.

edakkal caves, wayand, kerala tourism

About to reach

A little bit more. It was near. And we started to see the high mountains where the cave is situated.

edakkal caves, wayanad, kerala tourism

cave, we are coming

There it is.  1200 meters above sea level. The natural cave with carvings done by the ancient cave men.

Lets enter into the cave. Part 2 : Carvings of Cavemen finally revealed

Part 3 : Return Journey

All pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose.

Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.

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Taken from a moving vehicle your pictures look good to me... I felt like a kid reading this travel chronicle, because kids will love this simple picture filled account... well your a travellor and I believe such a person's eyes and mind is on the non-judgemental birds view mode...and a story from you guys is quite inspiring...kindles our imagination, quest for exploration and thinking beyond what we think in general that restricts our experience of a different part of life... I will always seek inspiration from you travellers... yes what striked me most was the driving on the hair pin… Read more »


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I had never seen what Western Ghats looked like !!!! <3 <3 .... Kerala feels like heaven this moment 🙂


Oh my, just look at those beautiful bends…just begging for two wheels and a big engine to enjoy them!
"I feel that highway a calling"…
I have a feeling that my bucket list just grew by one big one!


Beautiful, being a native of western ghat..I too feel the pride..
A little more info about western ghat (you know the source from where its coming :p)

Western ghats are 150 million old, and host oldest life forms (Purple Frog and Myristica swamps) with thick lush relic forests, as it existed from the time India was once part of Africa, as per the Gondwanaland theory.


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A Space Within

Oh wow, the cliff hanger there almost had me forget to leave a comment 😛 can't wait to read the next! My first reaction to that road a few posts back was "heck, I'd avoid that if I ever could", but really, cavemen carvings?? I've been to a cave, where the local people claimed cavemen tribes once lived, but there was no sign at all to prove that! To actually see some?Definitely worth it. And judging from your pictures of the road, the drive didn't look that deadly either, ahaha. 😛 I think I've changed my mind!


These are great pictures and from a moving car! Mine never turn out that good from a car. Can I ask what kind of camera you use? We used to use a Nikon, but right now I am only using my Samsung phone camera. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures. ~Julia


nice picture


Damn...great photos...and now I'm missing Kerala...

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