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Count Down : 12 days to Go | #Excerpts #IndieThursday

Only 12 days more to go.. On September 1st ‘Journey Is My Path’ will be out.

Today’s sneak peek from here and there?

Well I got it recorded by someone 😉

              Exam days passed like this. The heap of books on the study table became lesser and found a new place in the corner of his room. And finally that day arrived when there were no more books left on the table.
Everyone was relieved, excited and super happy on this day. Plans were made for the vacation, addresses were exchanged as it was the last day, remaining autographs were written, and secret plans were made by lovers to meet regularly. And they all immersed themselves in the joys of a long vacation.

An excerpt from section under Childhood. There are mainly 5 sections. Childhood, Adolescence 1&2, Youth and Adulthood. These are divided based on various realization of the protagonist.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

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