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Coorg Diaries : Talakavery | Tracing the origin of Kavery river

When I woke up that morning, everything felt like a dream. The morning was surreal.  Even the window of the hotel room looked so beautiful.

coorg, foggy day, photography
The dreamy window pane

I woke up and walked to the window and opened it. It was a breath-taking view.

coorg, photography
View through the window

That was some view to wake up to every day morning. I can sit there on that chair for hours just looking outside, sipping a cup of coffee.

coorg, hotel, photography
Isn’t it some view?

Wouldn’t you love to witness something like this every day morning just as you wake up? I will love to.

I wish I had a home like this

coorg, hotel, fog, photography
A dream home

A dream home like this. That’s what FOG does to you. It will make everything so surreal. Everything will look amazing when viewed through the morning fog!

Enough of the dreaming as I had to go and find out the origin of Kavery (Cauvery) river. Within an hour I was ready to head out.

The Google Maps gave an early signs of the road ahead. It was very easy and straight road where you can achieve a top speed of 120kmh 😉 But looked like someone crumpled the map :p

coorg, talakavery, photography
The tricky roads

So we were sure that it was going to be a fun ride. The actual roads looked like this

talakavery, photography, coorg
The Rocky roads

And some looked like this.

coorg, talakavery, photography, travel
The Green road

The sign boards assured that Google maps was not cheating us.

coorg, talakavery, travel, photography
Sign boards

So far, google maps gave me wrong information very very rarely. Once we took a road as per Google map’s suggestion and reached to a road block. Due to a new over bridge which is having a toll for using it, they have blocked this old road. But through out this journey Google maps was very reliable.

Soon we reached Bhagamandala. It is also a pilgrimage place, like Talakavery. There is a river confluence called triveni sangama, which is considered to be sacred. Kavery river is joined with two other rivers namely Kannike and Sujyothi.

bhagamandala, talakavery, coorg

Before going to Talakavery, pilgrims take a dip inTriveni sangama. They also perform rituals to their ancestors here. As we were no pilgrims, we kept on going in search of our destination.

After taking some turns and steep hills, finally we saw the entrance. A big welcoming entrance.

Talakavery entrance, coorg, travel
Talakavery entrance

We thought we were early. But people were already there.

The view from here is also stunning as we are almost 1200 m above the sea level.

talakavery, coorg
A view from 1200m above sea level

The entrance welcomed us to a small temple.

Talakavery temple
Talakavery temple

There it was , the origin of Kavery river, Tala Kavery, just in front of the temple. People were offering things, that included coins thrown in the water. They throw coins and make their wishes. I guess it will come true. But I somehow I couldn’t find any definite wish to make when situation like these arise! Maybe I should work on setting a goal!!

Well  Some of them were taking a dip in the holy water! But what interested us was the nearby Brahmagiri hill. The view from there got to be great. There were plenty of steps laid down for going up the hills.

The seemingly infinite steps

Yes, it was seemingly infinite. It was almost kind of trekking. The only difference was that there were some proper steps.  But look who we have met at the top. Some unusual trekkers!

coorg, talacauvery
Holy cow!!

Holy Cow!! How did they manage to come all the way up through such a steep inclination!!

Beside them there are some stone buildings you can see. It is  some kind of custom to build up the stones one on the other. Maybe it makes some of the wishes come true. I told someone that by doing so he could build a new house soon and he kind of believed it too. So evil me!! :p

From the top of this hill we could see the road that we came.

talacavery, coorg
The road we travelled

And the steps we conquered

The steps we conquered
talakavery, brahmagiri hills
The never-ending steps

And finally the one thing what we were searching for. I kept it at the end as a suspense 😉 . The origin of the river Kavery. Lets have a bird’s-eye view of Talakavery.

Talakavery/ Talacauvery

If you can see the water in from of the steps, there lies the origin of Kavery. From there it flows underground and emerges as the river kavery.

Mission accomplished. Objective :Origin of Talacauvery traced out and photographed.

All pictures are taken by Trablogger. Please contact for approval, if you would like to use them for any purpose

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

26 thoughts on “Coorg Diaries : Talakavery | Tracing the origin of Kavery river

  1. I wanted to point this out early on, but it seems like a recurring thing to me, and hence I am forced to open my mouth at it..

    Your picture frames, angles, light and subject are all brilliant, but –

    1. It seems you are clicking them all at low ISO, 100 perhaps
    2. All/most pictures appear as white-washed (where is the sharpness/contrast)
    3. Some pictures appear very dull (again point 2)
    4. You are not using Zoom (why?) All your pictures are landscape…and most close up looks like you have cropped them after digital zooming
    5. I love you
    6. And your pictures :p

    1. haha.. I like this comment! I will reply point by point then
      1. Yes, Low ISO is the best ones, so mostly I take like ISO 100 if there is enough light.
      2.If you have read, you can find that it is because of FOG effect
      3. I have the luxury of being an amateur 😉
      4. I was capturing the landscape, so pictures are landscape and due to the very reason I was using wide lens. I might have cropped to remove unwanted elements, not for digital zooming.
      5. really?! 😛
      6. Thank you for such a detailed comment. Really appreciate your time and effort 🙂

      1. Jith I want to see more colorful and subject-focussed pics from you…all your pictures so far look highly monotonous.. Like all iso100 …all landscape…all dull…all whitewashed..

        I may sound like a bad review..or a hater..but I m not..and you know that brother..

        I want to see you break this monotonous regime..n to come up with colorful lively subject-focuss higher iso pictures..I known you can beat me much beyond my always:)

        1. A constructive criticism is always welcome. 🙂
          So you mean to say you want to see some subjects in the pictures rather than just nature or the picture of a place? Yea? Basically you want to see some stories in each frame! Will try even though I am shy to shoot people.

          Dull and whitewashed.. I really didn’t get this point. But I guess the pictures lacks the element of depth, you meant to say. Maybe you are expecting too much or maybe you should buy me a new camera and lens 😛

          And higher ISO increases the light sensitivity of the sensors which in turn resulting in grains. A higher ISO picture will have more grains.

          Well check this out and tell me what you think

  2. well-written…you give some interesting information of the place too 🙂 are great…first one, of the foggy window..beautiful.. 🙂

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