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Hey dear fellow bloggers After almost two years of blogging, I am graduating to a self hosted blog. It is called So this blog will not be accessible for a few days. You can add the new blog to your reader or subscribe to my posts by email, if you

Lessons Taught By The Mountain | A Chamundi Hill Story

Chamundi Hills story

Have you ever wondered why mountains always teach a lesson or two? At least I have wondered why do I get these thoughts while 'doing a mountain'. And I think now I understood the reason behind it. I believe it is the struggle- it is the struggle that teach us a lesson. This

Velankanni : Standing tall, Surviving the Harsh blows

Grand Architecture of Velankanni

Are you wondering about the leaning towers and curved pillars of Velankanni??! Gotta be some architectural marvel. eh? Well I am really sorry for the misunderstanding that I caused you. They are not leaning towers or curved pillars. They are just an optical illusion or rather a faulty image. No, they are not


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