Living in the nature

Sadhana Forest : Some Facts for you

Sadhana forest is a wonderful community in Auroville, working towards reforestation, water conservation and sustainable living.  Once you spend some time in here, you cannot forget this place. I am already missing the beauty of community living, the delicious vegan meals, planting trees, the heart to heart conversations and lots more. Those two weeks were magical.Continue reading

Art chakra Bharat Nivas

Travel Diary | Day 20 : The Art Chakra day

[ 26.10.2014 [ Sunday ] Finally the day I was waiting for all these time had arrived. There was a biweekly event called  ‘Art Chakra’ and that was happening that day. It is a platform for artists, photographers, musicians or whoever want to present some form of art in front of other like-minded people.  Thus I got a platform to present my photography. I wokeContinue reading

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