The New 5 Year Indian E-Tourist visa : Everything you need to know

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Reading Time: 13 minutes COVID Update: Issuance of New Tourist Visas are temporarily on hold Indian e Tourist visa is now for FIVE year?!! Yes, 5 Year Indian E-Tourist visa is the new star! Too good to be true. Right? But it is true! Yes, you read that right, India is offering E-visa for the tourists for a period […]

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Royal Initiation in Nepal | Camping and Riding in Nepal

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Reading Time: 3 minutes The Decision Making I had the good fortune of riding through the highways of Nepal. It was a totally unplanned trip. I was  in a hotel in Thamel checking on the internet on what I should do next. Yes, I do plan my accommodation for the first day wherever I go. While going through one […]

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My Bullet trip to Bhutan

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Update : Bhutan Ride 2.0 Dates : May 3rd 2020 to May 10th 2020. More Details Here.   Almost everyone who rides a motorbike dreams of a long Royal Enfield trip. The kind of iconic image Royal Enfield has created in connection with road tripping in the mountains is impeccable. So, it was easier for […]

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Here is Why Every Indian Should Visit Phuentsholing in Bhutan At Least Once

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Update : Bhutan Ride 2.0 Dates : May 3rd 2020 to May 10th 2020. More Details Here.   We could see a flickering monitor of a TV playing on a very low volume. In only the dim light that was coming from a small incandescent bulb as well as from the TV, we could see […]

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Thoughts on having a blind date with the world : #TheBlindList

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Reading Time: 4 minutes When I first came across the concept of the blind list, the first thought that crossed my mind was reading “The Tao of Travel: Enlightenment from Lives on the Road” by Paul Theroux. In this enriching and delightful read, Paul Theroux talks about brilliant travel writers who went on various journeys in search of something […]

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Top 5 Lessons I Learned at Heritage Resort Hampi in 2 Days

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Reading Time: 9 minutes COVID Update : Heritage Resort Hampi has started operating again with all the safety precautions in place.  Book Now Hampi, the city of ruins! Some say, Hampi is a magical land with all its ruins from the bygone era. Indeed, Hampi is wonderful. Who doesn’t love to explore Hampi and be amazed at the stories […]

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How To Work and Travel | Conversation with an Indian Digital Nomad : Mayur Sontakke

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever met any Indian Digital Nomad? You will find one soon. “I manage a remote team remotely” says Mayur Sontakke, the founder of Remote Explorers. Mayur represents a new breed of travelers, the remote workers aka Digital Nomads. Who are these Digital Nomads? As per Cambridge Dictionary, “Remote working” means a situation in […]

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How Couchsurfing/Traveling Has Helped Me Find India’s Best Travel Job

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Looking for travel job in India? “I’m so passionate about traveling. I was working as a manager at a firm after my MBA. Recently I have quit my job and looking for something exciting to do. How can I join you guys?” This was one of the many messages that I was reading. These kinds […]

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Leading the Travel Life : Conversations with Rahul Datta

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Reading Time: 5 minutes “I spent the whole day clicking photos and documenting the big ceremony at the Kasha monastery. It was snowing and I was struggling with the sub-zero temperatures. It was so cold that the pixels on the monitor would freeze!”, narrates Rahul, about yet another day at his work. Meet Rahul Datta of Starving Artist films […]

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