Trip Report : Spiritual Gokarna Season 1

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The first season of Spiritual Gokarna has come to an end. Heartfelt thanks to all those who supported this interesting Gokarna Trip. When I was designing it, I wanted this trip to be special,  I wanted this trip to be an insightful one, I wanted the participants to take some learnings back home once the […]

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5 Reasons Why you should travel on this valentine’s day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes If you were actively searching for 5 Reasons Why travel on this valentine’s day, You must be knowing that Valentine’s day has been associated with romantic love since 14th century( Else check this out if you decide to read up on the history of Valentine’s day). Flowers, sweets and cards joined the party by 18th […]

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Ground Reality : Images from Streets of Kolkata

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Streets of Kolkata through Pictures It doesn’t matter if it rains, if the water from the puddle get splashed onto you by occasional vehicles that passes by, life has to go on, no matter what! People often talk about life and its struggles. But most of them have no idea how lucky they are in […]

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Colors of Kolkata : A Kolkata Street Photography Series

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Reading Time: < 1 minute                     Enjoyed Kolkata Street Photography Series? What do you think about these images? What are your first thought about them? NB : All photos are taken on the phone camera. So if you find it not very sharp or blurry,  you should check out one of […]

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Moving Around In Kolkata : 6 Stories and 10 Pictures

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Once upon a time I was planning a trip to Kolkata from Kerala on a budget of ₹2000/- which never happened. Its been years now and finally my plan to visit Kolkata materialized on November 2019. It indeed is an interesting Indian city. What captivated me the most was the colourful streets of Kolkata. I […]

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Enhancing the Lost Beauty of Our Travel Destinations

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Reading Time: 3 minutes   “Coming weekend when I get to the base, I will most probably be doing Stok Kangri,” he said. “You are one lucky officer to get posted in such a cool place,” I commented. It was during one of my mountain trips that I met this army officer. And the conversations that ensued were very […]

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5 years of travel blogging

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Reading Time: 5 minutes It is that month of the year again, when WordPress sends me a reminder and ask me to keep up the good blogging. I don’t know if it is good blogging or not, but the fact is that I have started this ‘trablogger’ thing 5 years ago on a free WordPress platform. When I came […]

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Sri Lankan Tourist Visa for Indians: Easy Step By Step Guide

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Reading Time: 6 minutes COVID 19 Update : Sri Lankan Tourist Visa for Indians have become a bit difficult due to the present corona conditions. When it opens finally, it comes with some restrictions, obviously. Visa Information New Tourist Visa Fee US$ 100 Online visa at Validity 30 day, extendable upto 6 months after arrival Before Applying Visa […]

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Malaysian eNTRI eVisa for Indians : Step by Step Guide

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Update : As on 17.10.2023 Malaysian eNTRI visa has been discontinued from 2020. Indians can now apply for eVisa for Malaysia. Cost of Malaysia eVisa for Indians is RM105 + service charge Validity of visa : 3 months Type of visa : Single Entry Duration of visa once entered : up to 30 days Processing […]

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