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Better Your Photography Before The Mundane Monday

Photography tips and tricks

Some Tips and Tricks to Better Photography

It feels so go to know that Mundane Monday Challenge is finding its purpose. I’m glad to know that some of you have started taking more pictures and more importantly started to observe more.

The advantage of MMC is, you can take the pictures of anything and submit for this challenge. All you have to do is to find beauty in those things that we usually don’t take  pictures of.

By doing so, you can start your photography journey, improve your photography or experiment with your photography.  This challenge is for everyone.

Now, how do you find beauty in mundane things? How to turn mundane things into a good photograph?

If you keep a few guidelines in mind, you can make some beautiful images out from most of the mundane things.

Here I will share some Tips and Tricks that I use while taking  pictures for the MMC. They are all mostly related to Composition of photography.

So here we go.


Patterns :

Look for patterns. Patterns are all around us. Just look down, you can see the floor mat, grass or moss. Look straight , there are windows or doors.

Mundane Monday : Window Pane
Mundane Monday : Window Pane

Lines & Curves

Curves or certain unique shapes are nice to see in a photograph. If you can incorporate some curves and such shapes in your frame, it will look good.  Edge of a plate, Carvings on the door or furniture and so on.

Mundane Monday : Gate
Mundane Monday : Gate

Rule of Thirds

This one rule can instantly make a picture look better. (Follow the link to read more about Rule of third)

Basically you have to place the subject on any one third of the frame. Just follow the grid lines in your camera or phone and place the subject in any one third lines.

Mundane Monday : Stones n Walls
Mundane Monday : Stones n Walls

Leading Lines/Guiding Lines

These are the lines in a frame the invited and take the eyeball all around the frame. It can be a line, or a curve or anything. By following the line, the viewer appreciates the entire photograph.  Try and find leading lines and incorporate in your pictures.


Pop of Colour

If something stands out from a dull background due to it colour, it can create a nice picture. Look for the bright colour that stands out from the crowd.

Mundane Monday : Clothes
Mundane Monday : Clothes


Perspective is the way you see things. You always take pictures at your eye level or just keeping the subject in front of you. Try different angles or even extreme angles. Experiment with pictures from grasshoppers view point,  from a birds view point or from whatever angle you fancy.

Door Handle
Door Handle

Vibrant Colours

Who doesn’t like vibrant colours? Look for the subject that are very vibrant. You can find a lot of stuff all around you.

Mundane Monday : clothesline
Mundane Monday : clothesline


I think this is one of the easiest to ways to produce neat, good looking photograph. All you have to do is sort of finding a large frame and a small object in it. If you place that subject  as per rule of third, you will get a visually pleasing image.

Minimal Switchboard
Minimal Switchboard


This is just the opposite of Minimalism. Here you can find beauty in chaos. Find a really busy frame with lots of objects, preferably with different vibrant colours. The viewer will go through the entire frame to appreciate the picture.

The below picture isn’t very chaotic. But you still get the point.

Colourful Chaos
Colourful Chaos


This is sort of advanced option unlike all other concepts above. You can experiment with different lenses to make some nice photographs. Especially the ones that has large aperture to make the background blur.  The most economical choice would be 50mm prime lens. The shallow depth of field (where the a small part of the subject is only well in the focus and all other things are blurred) can make any mundane object look beautiful.


These are a few tips and tricks for you to better your photography.  You can combine two or three or maybe all of them and experiment. It doesn’t make sound or hurt if you break a few rules. All you have to do is to experiment.

So what are you waiting for? Join the community of  Monday Mundane Challengers, next Monday.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

158 thoughts on “Better Your Photography Before The Mundane Monday

  1. So much to learn from you, Jithin. Love the idea of “find beauty in those things that we usually don’t take pictures of.” Great photos here, also the faucet by the window you did for the first MM (maybe) is one of my favorites. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Amy for being so kind always 🙂
      Glad you found it useful.
      I think those initial pictures only gave me an idea to start such a challenge 🙂

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