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About Trablogger DMC

Let's say this is the history of the website called www.trablogger.com.


Before you get to know what exactly is Trablogger DMC, it is good to go through the initial phases.


If you don't know who is writing this, my name is Jithin and I am the person behind this web space. If you want a little bit more information you can check out about me here. But now let me get started with different phases of Trablogger DMC.


Phase 1 : The birth

www.trablogger.wordpress.com was the primeval name of this space. The decision to start a travel blog came out all of a sudden while I was roaming around in life and on the roads without much directions. This happened on 1st September 2014.


Intentions behind creating a free WordPress blog were NOT to become a famous travel blogger and make money by travelling or to get sponsored trips and FAM trips. It was probably the only sensible thing I could think of, during my unemployment phase after quitting a corporate job and wandering around wherever my savings could take me.


Initial Tagline  : Let's go for a photowalk


Phase 2 : The Upgrade

I'd say 2014 and 2015 was the golden period of my blog. I was super active, churning out posts, making friends and replying to comments  and so on. But still it was a big surprise when Rajendra Zore of Host My Blog sent me a DM on Twitter saying that a giveaway was waiting for me.


I was selected along with a few more bloggers to get a free self hosted domain from Host My Blog as their launching offer! When someone wants to up their blogging game, going the self hosting was is the most sensible option. But I wasn't even thinking about upping my game.


Universe had other plans and I've got upgraded from trablogger.wordpress.com to trablogger.com! After the initial inhibitions and worrying over losing my existing comments and likes (that can be seen in a novice blogger), finally I've made the switch by August 2016.


Tagline During this period : Let's go for a photowalk


Phase 3 : Beginning of Evolution

When I started the blog, my idea was to tell travel stories with a lot of pictures from the trip. You can check the Edakkal caves trip just to get an idea. So I used a tagline emphasizing on giving a virtual photo walk of a place. But after a while, when a lot of travel bloggers came to the field, I was like 'Maybe I should brand myself as an Indian travel blogger."


Then the tagline became : Journey of an Indian Travel blogger


Phase 4 : Travel For Free!

When I thought I should pick a niche, I wanted to talk about how to travel cheap or almost for free. Then I redesigned the website again keeping this core idea in mind.


I knew many travelers whom mostly I met on the road, who has been travelling for years for the love of traveling. I wanted to share their stories. I wanted to give more ideas on how to travel for a long time in a more sustainable way. Thus the idea of 'Living the travel life' was born.


After traveling continuously for sometime, I really wanted to figure out ways in which one can sustain this travel lifestyle. And I knew that the best way to learn is by experimenting with my own life. So I've started my experiments with living the travel life.


The new tagline became : Live the Travel Life


Phase 5 : Living the Travel life

In the ever continuing, ever expanding blog post "How to travel for free", I have mentioned various ways that I tried personally to travel cheap over the years. I have mentioned to try couchsurfing, to take up travel jobs, to organise trips and so on.


Now I am standing at a point where I would like to experiment by starting a travel company. Can running a travel company or a destination management company help one travel more? Time will give the answers through Trablogger DMC! And once I get, I will share it with you here. Maybe you can try it by avoiding the mistakes that I've made.


The Name and Tagline Now : Trablogger DMC : Experience the experiential travel


Trablogger DMC

After writing and talking about travelling, it has become a part of my life. Nowadays I don't even recognize my reasons for traveling! But I guess it is mostly to gain new experiences, meet more interesting people and to do newer things.


I want to share some of these philosophies with the world and to give back to the world and travel community. I want to experiment with responsible tourism. I want to design entertaining, educating as well as enriching travel experiences.


This is what I am planning to do with Trablogger DMC aka Trablogger Destination Management Company. If you think you are interested in any of the travel products I have been creating, check out Upcoming Trips.


These trips are not cookie cutter trips. All the trips are handcrafted from experience. Some of the trips might run only once. So it will be your only chance to experience it when you find its announcement.


Services by Trablogger DMC

  • Travel product designing and running those handcrafted tours.
  • It all started with Content creation. So if a destination needs content creation, TDMC is ready to do that.
  • Creation of customized itineraries and tour products on demand.
  • Destination promotion through innovative ideas

If you want to know more about Trablogger DMC, get in touch with at hello@trablogger.com


Written by : Trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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Trablogger DMC

We are the Experiential travel specialist. Our focus is to design well thought out, experience rich travel itineraries, that will make you think, that will teach you a thing or two, that will give you a few unique experiences. Come travel with us. Let's learn something together.  
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