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5 Days of Monochrome #4

Shades of Religion


Shades of Religion
Shades of Religion


My friend Lucile de godoy has challenged me to join in the 5-day B&W photo challenge, where I must post a black and white photo each day for 5 days and nominate someone else to join the challenge.

I’d like to nominate my fellow blogger Ady of ColorPalette of Ady, another Photography enthusiast,  to join the challenge with me.

Photographing the journeys to recreate the Travels to take you for a virtual Photo walk.

49 thoughts on “5 Days of Monochrome #4

          1. Hehehehhe I was so sure today is Thurs…I wrote the same in the tasksheet 😀 😛 As for the credits…

            Ngee Ngee **

            **Courtsey A certain Mister Travel Blogger with a Camera hung round his neck always 😛

          2. You mean at work too?! Where are you working?!! Poor fellas!! 😛
            Copy paste the credits in all the whatsapp messages you are sending 😛
            And I hung it around my wrist, just in case you want to know 😛

          1. I got my bokeh out of a strawberry and it’s seeds reflecting light 🙂 I hope,that is called a bokeh. But I would love to have one bokeh of small colorful lights 😀

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