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10 Things Blogging Has Taught Me In Three Years

Published on : September 3, 2017
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They say, as one gets old, one becomes wiser. I think it is true in the blogging world also. I am getting old! I turned Three, here in this blogosphere.

On this 1st September 2017, I am completing 3 years of blogging.

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At this point, I am pausing for a moment to look back and share what I have learned in these three years about blogging. I hope it might help you in accelerating your blog learning.

1. Real Blogging is Hard work

You can approach blogging in two ways. First one is, as an outlet of your expressions, as a hobby without expecting anything in return. The second one, as a way of informing or educating the readers about something that you really care about, expecting possible returns from it.

When you approach blogging, the professional way, it is more like a job. And it is a lot of hard-work. Preparing quality content that gets people’s attention is really difficult.It involved a lot of research, proper presentation, finding the right photographs and so on. In short, it involves almost 8 hours of work minimum for a good blog post. Same like a job!

2. Creating Content Is Just The Beginning

The job of a professional blogger doesn’t end at creating a quality content. In fact, it begins from there.

Of course, quality content is a must for a serious blogger. But what if no one reads that amazing blog post?! Just like any other creative persons, bloggers also need appreciation. But for getting appreciation, people should first see that amazing blog post.

In order to reach the right audience, a blogger should market their product ie. the blog post, well. It requires some more hours of dedicated social media marketing, link building, getting active in online discussions and so on. More time is spent again.

 3. Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

Looking at the successful bloggers, it is natural to get inspired and decide to become a blogger. Free press trips, brand collaboration, giveaways etc are on our minds. We aim to become a successful blogger and prepare to enjoy these perks of being a successful blogger.

But in reality, those successful bloggers struggled through their initial years to reach to that position. They have spent hours and hours over the years to reach to that position. Getting a free trip for your blogging excellence might take some time. So keep your expectations reasonable.

This also applies when you write an excellent piece of article. You are pretty sure, that blog post is super special. You have done your homework, put in a lot of time and effort on research. But when you published barely anyone noticed! No likes, no comments and even a single share.

Don’t worry, don’t get disheartened, this is the story of many people. It will change. Keep doing your good work. One day people will go through all your posts once you join the elite group of successful bloggers.

4. Blogging Goals Will Help

Rather than having expectations, have blogging goals. Like we’ve discussed just now, keeping the goals reasonable and achievable. Create a SMART Goal. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound blogging goals.

It can be, create 10 blog posts in a month, increase blog followers by 50%, get 10k social media followers in 2 months or something like that. My blogging goal would be to post one blog post every day under seven different themes.

5. Don’t be Greedy, You can’t have it all

I used to overdo things. For example, pack a post with too many links, hoping that the readers would click them all and go to all my other posts and read them all. In reality, chances of people clicking all the links are very unlikely.

Asking people to do too many things has proved to be less efficient. Don’t expect 100% conversion at any time.

6. Keep it Short

Having too many contents floating around in this blogging world, people tend to have a very small attention span. Most readers skim through a long looking post. Good idea is to keep it as short as you can and to organise a post with headings and subheadings.

Shorter posts get better reads. Better reads can lead to better engagements. So keep it short.

7. The More Active, The Better

You are more likely to follow someone who posts contents with a regularity. Then you know what to expect and when to expect. Now that is a brand strategy. If you want to be successful, want to make a brand name, become more active and be consistent. Seeing your name on a regular basis helps your readers to create a solid image about you and your brand.

8. Get Organized

Having a blogging calendar is a great idea. It helps you to organise your posts, brainstorm new post ideas and to be active on a regular basis. Also once you establish this regularity, your reader would know what to expect and most probably they will be waiting to hear from you until next time.

Get organized and have consistency.

9. Don’t Forget Old Posts

During the course of time, you have made a good following and your posts are getting more attention. Then it is time to focus on your old blog posts those had lesser exposure. You can repost them. For many readers, those good old contents would be as good as your new content.

10.Build Relationship

Last but not the least, BUILD RELATIONSHIP! Unless, until you are a celebrity, not everyone would be interested in what you are saying. But if you have already created a connection with your readers, they would be more receptive to your ideas and your chances of getting accepted and appreciated are more.

Bonus Point :


If you are approaching blogging professionally, it is mandatory that you should be willing to learn continuously. SEO, Social media marketing, How to write a good blog post, How to optimise your website, basic understanding of CSS, WordPress etc can take you a long way ahead on your journey to become a more successful blogger.

Learning Photography or photo editing can also prove to be a good idea. A course on creative writing is another area you can plan to learn.

Personalise: (Super Bonus Point)

In order to build a relationship, one should be quite approachable. Having a face to the name can help in achieving this.

For all these time, except for a few people, trablogger was just a name and the words associated with that name. So I take this special occasion of the third year of my blogging to put a clear face to the name Trablogger.

In order to do that I have updated my “About” page with those things I believe you want to know about me. So go check out my new About page to know more about Trablogger. 😉

In case you are struggling with Blogger’s/writer’s block, here is some more tips to Unblock the chronic blogger’s block!


What have you learned from your blogging experience?

Written by : trablogger
Trablogger aka Jithin is an Indian travel blogger who is obsessed with leading a travel life. When he is not traveling, photographing, writing or blogging, you can see him thinking about sustaining this travel life or helping someone to travel more.
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