Hi, I am Jithin. I am an Indian backpacker and a travel blogger.  I run this site called Trablogger. I started this travel blog back in 2014  and from that point I am receiving the same questions over and over again. How do you fund your travels? How do you find time to travel? How can I become a travel blogger and travel the world? How I can I get paid to travel? These questions are endless! Here in this blog you will find answers to many such questions under these three main sections.


Here you will find my story,
a marine engineer who turned into a travel blogger and different phases in between. I will also share the stories of the people whom I've met during my journeys, their travel stories,  their life, how some of them pulled off to travel without any money and many other travel tales.

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Read Stories of inspiring travelers.
These are the people who went against the odds to create a life full of travel. They have pursued their passion to live their life to the fullest. They will inspire you, guide you and even teach you how to build a life around travel and be successful.

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Destinations within India and abroad.
Here you will find posts that show my love for India, its vibrant culture and customs, many of my travel stories from destinations here and around the world, as well as my views and opinions on certain topics.
This is the mixed bag.

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I used to be a marine engineer, who needs to wear well-ironed uniforms and shiny shoes and have to have OLQ, the glorious 'Officer Like Qualities'! Then all of a sudden one day I became a traveler who roams around in distant lands in shabby T-shirts and jeans with unshaved face and tramp like looks. The transition was poles apart, almost in every aspect of my life. If you are wondering, leaving behind something secure to pursue something else which is synonymous with uncertainty, was worth the all effort, stay tuned to read the stories as they unravel.

trablogger aka Jithin S | Indian travel blogger